Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

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MPEG-H Audio: Next Generation System for Interactive and Immersive Sound

October 10, 2014, Audio Engineering Society Convention, Los Angeles—Fraunhofer IIS and their partners techicolor and Qualcomm have released the latest specification and standard for sound. The standard is gearing up for the more immersive 4k and 8k TVs and cinema productions. The new standard changes sound from a baked-in mix to a 2-D output format like stereo or 5.1 to an object-oriented package... [Read more]

AES Media Networking Alliance

October 10, 2014, Audio Engineering Society Convention, Los Angeles—A panel looked at the ongoing transition from analog to digital and the infrastructure changes needed to move to a fully digital workflow. Marty Sacks from the Telos Alliance moderated the panel and the panelists were Rich Zweibel from dsc, Terry Holton from Yamaha, and Stephen Lederbergen from Lawo. Zweibel opened by describing... [Read more]

AES 4k-8k Audio Panel

October 10. 2014, Audio Engineering Society Convention, Los Angeles—A panel of experts from standards organizations and industry considered the issues of matching audio with the emerging 4k and 8k displays. Fred Willard from Univision moderated the panel, and panelists were Skip Pizzi from NAB, Robert Blerdt from Fraunhofer, Jeff Riedmiller from Dolby, Tim Carrol from Linear Acoustics, Thomas Lund... [Read more]

Mobile Security at Uplinq 2014

September 18, 2014, Uplinq 2014, San Francisco, CA – At the session “Shared Responsibility in the Mobile Security Ecosystem”, five industry experts including Paul Kocher, Chief Scientist of Cryptography Research Division of Rambus; Coby Sella, CEO of Discretix; Rajiv Dholakia, VP Product Management of Nok Nok Lab; Dror Nadler, SVP, Sales & Strategic Alliances of Cellrox and Steve Singer,... [Read more]

Storage IO Controller Optimized for Data Centers

September 2014 – The growing data storage requirements of cloud server providers and data centers is driving a new generation of high speed IO control system. PMC has introduced a new chip that can be packaged in three separate configurations with a common pinout. The data centers are currently I/O bound, and complexities such as RAID and power dissipation are impacting current solutions and impacting... [Read more]

ReflxLabs talks about API driven sensors

September 2014 – In a discussion with Jose Torres, co-founder and CEO of Reflx labs, he talked about the directions and capabilities of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the place the sensors hold in that space. Reflx Labs is a provider of custom sensors, including the Boogio, which is a shoe based sensor. Their philosophy on the sensors is different, in that they believe the application of the... [Read more]

Broadcom shows off 25GE switch

September 2014 – At a briefing and demo at their offices in San Jose, Broadcom showed off their new A0 version of the StrataXGX Tomahawk chip. This is a multi-channel 25GE network switch designed for SDN. The 25G interface supports standard copper interconnect for the height of a rack and fiber connections for longer distances. The new chip is addressing the needs of the cloud datacenter ethernet... [Read more]

Akamai speaks on Digital media at Uplinq

September 2014 – At the Uplinq conference for QUALCOMM held in San Francisco, Akamai gave a talk about directions in digital media distribution and consumption for mobile devices. The talk was given by William Law their chief architect. Currently over 60% of all content traveling on the Internet is related to some sort of media file. As the displays have been improving in mobile devices and in TVs... [Read more]

Network Gateway as a platform at Uplinq

September 2014 – at the uplink conference in San Francisco, QUALCOMM held a session about the best place for software and applications to reside in a network system. The options are in the cloud, in the end device such as a phone or tablet or laptop, or in the Gateway device inside the building that connects the local network to the cloud and Internet. The cloud has the ability for unlimited capacity... [Read more]

GamesBeat looks at platforms

September 2014 – at the GamesBeat conference in San Francisco they held a keynote discussing the change in platforms and consoles for the gaming industry. The discussion focused on whether or not the console wars have concluded and if there is a new platform war starting. The discussion started with the question of “How do game designers and developers keep up with the changes in the Android platform?”.... [Read more]