Friday, October 9th, 2015

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Dell Precision Workstation Refresh 2015

October 2015 – As an end of the year refresh and to line up with the Adobe MAX event, Dell rolled out a new line of mobile workstations and an addition to the desktop lineup. The major shift on the mobile workstations is the inclusion of the Intel Sky Lake H processors, support for Thunderbolt and use of the new Dell Precision Optimizer 3.0. The shift to the Sky Lake H processors, in combination... [Read more]

RoboBusiness focuses on B2B

September 2015 – The RoboBusiness conference in San Jose took a different look at the robotics industry from the perspective of function and ROI rather than the CE view and maker community view of this is interesting to create, but does not really serve a purpose. The conference had two distinct paths. The sessions were more on the order of a business and technology conference discussing topics... [Read more]

HSA – progress on many fronts

October 2015 – At the Linley Processor Conference, the HAS released an update on the progress of the consortiums efforts. The consortium is making progress since their 1.0 specification release earlier this year. The CPU & GPU computing paradigm supports a memory coherency model and a memory partitioning by tasks. For realization of the specification, the group referred to the AMD 2nd generation... [Read more]

Persistent Memory enters the Mix

September 2015 - At the SNIA SDC, the emergence of persistent memory entered the technology space, not only as a new memory alternative, but also as a full track at the event due to the major differences in the architecture and use of the modules. Persistent memory falls into the new networking category of high speed access and no limitations on the number of accesses or writes, but also provides... [Read more]

TechCrunch Disrupt – Diversity in software and hardware

September 2015 – The 2015 TechCrunch Disrupt event was heavily dominated by social media and mobile apps leveraging the open source and vendor library environments that are present for Linux, Windows, Android and iOS devices. The applications covered most of the sensors and interfaces in mobile devices – microphones, speakers, motion, GPS, and video. There were two notable exceptions to the core... [Read more]

Churchill Club Game Changer Award

September 24, 2015, Churchill Club Awards, Redwood City, CA—The Churchill award for game changer: for indispensable technology and business innovation was presented to LinkedIn. Susan Lund, Partner, McKinsey & Co. talked with Allen Blue, co-founder, LinkedIn. Lund stated that the increased personal connections needed innovations in both technology and business practices. LikedIn changed the... [Read more]

Churchill Club Magical Team Award

September 24, 2015, Churchill Club Awards, Redwood City, CA—The Churchill Club presented their magical team award to Pixar Animation Studios for collaborative breakthroughs that resulted in an irresistible product or service. Goeffrey Moore talked with Ed Catmull from Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios. Moore noted that the Pixar team has to work at the intersection of technology and art, and... [Read more]

Churchill Global Benefactor Award

September 24, 2015, Churchill Club Awards, Redwood City, CA—The Churchill Club awarded Elizabeth Holmes as 2015 global benefactor for irrepressible vision and positive impact on society. In a fireside chat with Channing Robertson from Stanford she described her motivations and inspirations for her work. Robertson noted that she was a very assertive student, even as a freshman in '02. She insisted... [Read more]

SMR: The Next Generation of Storage Technology

September 22, 2015, SNIA, Storage Developer Conference, Santa Clara, CA—Jorge Campello from HGST described the latest technologies for magnetic data storage. Shingled magnetic recording (SMR) is the latest incarnation of hard disc drive. The new technology puts data into zones of overlapped tracks to increase track and data density. Zones are independent, but sectors within a zone cannot be changed.... [Read more]

SNIA Tutorial: NV DIMM-N Primer to Improve Storage Performance

September 22, 2015, SNIA Storage Developer Conference, Santa Clara, CA—Jeff Chang from AgigA Tech and Arthur Sainio from Smart Modular presented a cookbook for NV DIMM use. The learning objectives are to understand what an NVDIMM is, how they can improve system performance, and how to integrate them into your system. The modifications to hardware, BIOS, and applications software for device integration... [Read more]