Wednesday, June 1st, 2016

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Churchill Club 2016 Top Ten Trends

Churchill Club 2016 Top 10 TrendsMay 2016 – The Santa Clara Marriott hosted this year’s annual Churchill Club 1o 10 trends dinner and discussion. Trends for this year’s event were wide ranging and once again included big data, robotics and healthcare. The discussion was moderated by : Rich Karlgaard, Publisher, Forbes Magazine Bruce Upbin, Managing Editor, also of Forbes. The... [Read more]

Larry O’Connor founder of OWC

 OWC is the abbreviation for Other World Computing, one of the longest running 3rd party computer component and storage solutions providers in the personal computer industry. The company started with individual users and small companies and now supports enterprise customers and cloud providers with their products. In a casual and comfortable one on one discussion, we sat down with their CEO... [Read more]

Blackmagicdesign covers the 4K space at NAB

April 2016 – At the annual NAB show, Blackmagicdeisgn once again announced over a dozen new products. New and unique this year, are two products that were standouts on the show floor. The first is expanding the broadcast marketplace to include the IoT world. The second is a product targeted for the live performance marketplace. Blackmagic Design 3G-SDI Arduino Programmable Converter Module The... [Read more]

Autodesk updates M&E at NAB

April 2016 – At NAB, Autodesk was showing their continued dominance in the VFX and CG marketplace for video content creation. Their highlight announcement was the acquisition of the SolidAngle product line into their VFX solution space. The Solid Angle product is a mathematically driven renderer that is in the family of Monte Carlo raytracers which is a different solution methodology from the other... [Read more]

Fraunhofer shows Lightfield, Audio and VR at NAB

April 2016 – Fraunhofer Research was showing off multiple projects and research results. The highlight areas were progress in their lightfield processing to support motion pictures rather than stils, the VR Omnicam system for either 360 video or VR applications, and their spatial surround sound audio. At the show they released the production version of the lightfield plugin. This version supports... [Read more]

Adobe Primetime Advances TV Everywhere

April 2016 - At NAB, Adobe was showing their currently release of Adobe Primetime which is the core of the Adobe Marketing Cloud.  The platform contains the advertising analytics functions such as campaign management along with content management for OTT applications.  Currently the platform is targeted at TV channels, MVPDs (Multichannel Video Program Distributors) and Digital Pure Play... [Read more]

Vnova Updates Perseus software and appliances

April 2016 – At the 2015 NAB, Vnova introduced the Perseus compression solution. At this this years show they were showing off the industry adoption and success of the solution. The product was first introduced as a lossless video compression engine. The current manifestation of the product is a universal data compression and transport technology. It is applicable to video streams, still images,... [Read more]

Ericsson readies AR and Discovery at NAB

April 2016 – Ericsson is a mobile technology infrastructure provider, a global CDN and an infrastructure provider for Pay TV and OTT. In providing solutions across this space they have recognized that a major feature requested by the content providers is being able to deliver global personalized content as a service. Their major content delivery clients report that 85% of the end users do not find... [Read more]

Transforming IP to the cloud. Opportunities are Huge

April 2016 - At the end of the day, the market is more and more competitive and we need our customers not only survive but also thrive – stated Charlie Vogt, CEO of Imagine Communications (IC), moderator of the power session “Transformation 2016: Media Technology Using IP, Cloud and Virtualization”. The session that took place at the Imagine Communications booth during NAB show, was featuring... [Read more]

The Roadmap of AIMS

April 2016 - Two years ago when we started to talk about IP and a question was – Can we do it? A year ago we were asking – Should we do it? This year a question is – How we do it? Steve Reynolds from Imagine Communications was describing the inception of AIMS, Alliance for IP Media Solutions, during our 1:1 interview. Reynolds added that in 2015 a lot of customers came to Imagine Communication... [Read more]