Tuesday, July 28th, 2015

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AlwaysOn BeyondCore – by Dylan Chatterjee

 July 2015, The Silicon Valley Innovation Summit showcased individuals and companies from a myriad of industries, but there were some common topics throughout the summit. One of those topics was big data, a hot topic for the last several years, and a company that stood out in the big data space was BeyondCore. BeyondCore’s self-proclaimed goal is to “Empower every business user with the power... [Read more]

Bitcoin as Currency at Always On

July 2015 – The opening keynote at the Always On Silicon Valley Innovation Summit was George Gilder who was speaking on the topic of Bitcoin. George felt that Bitcoin is essentially automated gold on the internet and is targeted to replace ad tech as the main transaction vehicle on the internet. The technology of the digital currency is that it will nullify advances in technology as a price premium... [Read more]

GetGeeked comes to San Francisco

June 2015 – GetGeeked held their first San Francisco event this past June. The event featured both exhibition tables and presentations from the exhibiting companies on their technology. The event was very well attended with an entry line that stretched for close to a block to get into the event. The exhibitors were not organized by product type they were instead spaced out evenly displaying the... [Read more]

Linley IOT – Focus on Security

 June 2015 – The Linley group held their first event focusing on IOT and the issues and breakthroughs in the technology and the market. The three topics addressed by the conferne were processor design for IOT applications, security at the IP and product level and finally the key to battery operated mobile design energy efficiency. The lead session was on processor design. The session featured... [Read more]

Snail Games – platforms & games at E3

June 2015 – At E3 we met with Snail Games as a follow-up to their very busy booth at GDC 2015 earlier in the year. The large booth was once again busy showing both their hardware and software products. The leadoff on the software side was TaiChi Panda that was featured for the Android platforms for gaming. Snail is a self-publisher of their games. They are releasing titles that are being designed... [Read more]

Glasses and cameras at AWE 2015

June 2015 – At the Augmented World Expo (AWE) a couple of companies were showing new and enhanced products that are actually targeting short term needs for the industry that are market ready. One of these was Epson with the latest version of the Moverio AR glasses and the other newcomer Bubl with 360degree camera. Starting with Bubl – they were at the show doing 1:1 meeting to show off their... [Read more]

Retail AR at AWE 2015

June 2015 – At the Augmented World Expo they had a well attended session on Retail uses of AR. Besides the enterprise applications, retail has found several niche areas to start applying AR technology. For these applications, there are no AR glasses involved, instead, the display on a mobile device is enhanced with the AR content. The session focused on actual examples of deployments in the advertising... [Read more]

Ori Inbar on the state of AR and VR

June 2015 – Ori Inbar is the organizer of the Augmented World Expo and the Executive Director of AugmentedReality.org. After a slight delay from the scheduled time at the show while Ori was addressing physical realities of the dynamics of a several hundred attendee show logistics on opening day, we sat down for a short talk on AR, VR, where the industry is and where he thinks it is going. Ori... [Read more]

AWE 2015 – AR and VR in the market

June 2015 – At Augmented World Expo (AWE) 2015 held in Santa Clara the focus this year was on realization and monetization of the long anticipated technology. One of the more crowded sessions on the first day was on the developer side. Unity was presenting on their Unity 3D for VR flow that uses the Unit 5 engine. This release and tool kit allows VR developers to use essentially the same development... [Read more]

Indie Publisher David Sterling of Loot Interactive

June 2015 – At E3 2015 we had a chance to sit down for a 1:1 with Loot Interactive co-founder David Sterling at their first “press and partner” evening event held at the show. In a very well attended event at a local Mexican restaurant we talked to David about the Indie game marketplace and how Loot Interactive was trying to stand-out from the crowd. Unlike most indie publishers, they are not... [Read more]