Saturday, August 30th, 2014

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Micron Celebrates Silicon Valley

August 2014 – At the Computer History Museum in Mt View, CA, Micron sponsored a celebration of the innovation and energy of Silicon Valley with a gallery showing and presentation of the images from Fearless Genius. The book chronicles the inner workings of some iconic businesses in the Silicon Valley between 1985 and 2000. These companies include Next Computer, Apple, Adobe, Autodesk and others. Doug... [Read more]

Sharknado2 – Up on the Big Screen

August 2014 – Fathom Events which is bet known for live theater and musical performances shown on the large screen in cinema format, continued the summer extravaganza from SyFy network Sharknado with a viewing of Sharknado 2 in 650 theaters across the US in a single night viewing. At the local cinema there were high expectations of the crowd that got there early, only to see a mostly empty theater.... [Read more]

The First TechLawSF Startup Weekend

August 2014 – The UC Hastings Law School acted as the organizers and coordinators for the first TechLaw Startup Weekend that was held at AirBnB’s headquarters in San Francisco. The five organizers from Hastings for the event were Kristen Killian, BethMcCarthy, Hanna Konitshek, Gabby Grinberg and Ashley Dymond. The 2.5 day event was run by Startup Weekend in Seattle that is a non-profit organization... [Read more]

Litepoint IQNFC addresses production testing

July 2014 – In a visit to the Litepoint offices in Silicon Valley, we were shown the new IQNFC lab and production test system they have developed for multi-application NFC testing. NFC is a stable connection technology that has had a challenge over use model and awareness of it being embedded into products due to lack of uniform logos/branding. The issue is becoming important as NFC moves to being... [Read more]

Movies and more at Comic-Con 2014

July 2014 – At Comic-Con San Diego the focus was on new movies and TV shows in addition to the comics. The big noise on the street was for Sharknado 2 – the Second One. This unexpected trend setter for second screen interaction amongst TV shows was making a big presence with people on the street, t-shirts, foam chain saws, rubber shark heads, a standing room only panel and preview of the film,... [Read more]

Nanotech now on film

August 2014 - The Display Search Emerging Display Technology event, there were a number of companies once again speaking on the cost and performance advantages of nano-technology based products to improve and solve produces in the manufacturing of displays. These products have been promoted for many years at these events, and the stability and capability to produce them in volume has been around for... [Read more]

Khronos Updates OpenGL and OpenCL SPIR

August 11, 2014, Siggraph—Neil Trevett from Khronos announced the latest releases of the OpenGL, OpenGL ESTM and WebGLTM to provide portable access to graphics and compute capabilities across multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, Linux, OS X, Windows and the Web. These standards are used for 3-D media across numerous mobile and desktop devices. The OpenGL ES 3.1 now has a number of vendors... [Read more]

Improving Picture Quality: Beyond the Pixel

August 5, 2014, Emerging Display Technology Conference, San Jose, CA—A panel looked at the other system-level issues for video images. Pete Ludé from Mission Rock Digital moderated the group. Panelists were Julian Carey from Intematix, Veeral Hardev from Nanosys, Seth Coe-Sullivan fro QD Vision, Jimmy Kim from NPD DisplaySearch, and Roland Vlaicu from Dolby. Ludé stated that technology migrates... [Read more]

Interactivity Solutions

August 5, 2014, Emerging Display Technology Conference, San Jose, CA—The last session at this conference considered interactivity. Calvin Hsieh from NPD Display Search opened the session, followed by Brian Daly from Synaptics, David Bordui from Cima NanoTech, and Russell Jordan from AMS. Hsieh noted that smart devices have different user interfaces that change with the device. Some companies, like... [Read more]

Flexible and Curved Displays: Out of the Lab and into the Field

August 5, 2014, Emerging Display Technology Conference, San Jose, CA—Paul Semenza from NPD DisplaySearch, Bob Senior from Canatu, and Sri Srinivas from Raydiance discussed the emerging flexible and curved displays. The drivers for non-planar displays are greater flexibility in design and the conflicting demands for smaller and lighter versus larger screens. Semenza opened with a summary of the basic... [Read more]