Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

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Jam Transit Wireless Earbuds Review

March 2015 – The in-ear earbud marketplace is growing rapidly due to the use in fitness and smart phone applications for fitness tracking. The fitness marketplace has a need for wireless headphones so they do not interfere with the exercise routine or equipment. Also the marketplace is designed around media consumption as a way to pass the time during the fitness session. Since the core technology... [Read more]

Jam Transit Bluetooth Headphones

March 2015 – The headphone marketplace is dramatically shifting in the consumer marketplace from corded large over the ear style to lightweight, cordless that can perform both music/audio playback as well as being able to manage telephone and video chat calls on the same headset. The sound also has to be good, however the battery life, light weight, comfort and multifunction features of the headphones... [Read more]

Cobra CDR825 DashCam – 1080p through your windshield

March 2015 – As sports POV cameras have pushed up to 1080p capture and larger screen sizes, the dashcam marketplace is shifting the same to manage the automotive applications. The dashcam market is growing due to documentation needs for some businesses, insurance and automotive adventures. It is not just for capturing meteors in Russia anymore. To expand their already dominant market presence,... [Read more]

Cobra Jumpack restarts your tablet and your car

March 2015 – As mobile devices shift to becoming integral parts of the automotive experience, providing power to those devices is increasingly critical. This shift has even driven automotive designers to adjust the layout and features of the interior to accommodate these devices.  Typically there are two power levels that at needed – a 5v USB connection with 1A output for standard charging... [Read more]

Micron Shows Off New Tech Center

March 19, 2015, Milpitas, CA— Tom Eby, Vice President of Micron’s Compute and Networking Business Unit introduced the newest addition to its Global Customer Labs. The lab in Milpitas is designed to support local users in applying various memory technologies. One driver is the growing amounts and types of memories in all areas. The amount of silicon dedicated to memories has doubled since '06,... [Read more]

OpenCL for Hardware-Agnostic Cross-Platform Video Processing

March 19, 2015, GPU Technology Conference, San Jose, CA—Dennis Adams from Sony Creative Software advocates the move to OpenCL for video editing tools. OpenCL is an open standard API for cross-vendor, cross platform work focused on mostly highly parallel processing. Sony sells many video edit tools like Vegas Pro and others. They added capabilities for GPU acceleration in '09, which was fast, but... [Read more]

Defining Standards for High Dynamic Range TV

March 19, 2015, GPU Technology Conference, San Jose, CA—Thad Beier from Dolby talked about the coming changes in the video landscape to move towards higher dynamic range for the displays. The advent of 4k or ultra-high definition TV sets requires more than just increasing the number pixels, but needs more dynamic range and color gamut. Dolby is working on developing the next generation visual standards... [Read more]

Uncompressed 6k Workflow

March 19, 2015, GPU Technology Conference, San Jose, CA—Jeff Brue from Open Drives described the work in developing and implementing a native 6k workflow. Part of the effort is to anticipate the eventual move to 8k and the balance is to get more out of their infrastructure. The primary motivation was to bring effects closer to the editorial functions. They integrated After Effects and Adobe Premier... [Read more]

Google talks DNN at GTC2015

March 2015 – At GTC 2015, the opening keynote by Jen-Hsun Huang, talked about Deep Neural Networks as a task that is a best fit for GPU compute capabilities. Following this introduction as a next generation application, Jeff Dean gave a keynote on Large Scale Deep Learning. These learning systems are well suited to GPU compute analysis due to their parallel architecture for the algorithms and for... [Read more]

M&E Design Moves to Servers

 March 2015 – At the Nvidia GTC 2015 event, the power of the current generation GPU compute platforms and the amount of data that can be processed is causing a shift in collaborative workflows. Traditionally, each member of a design and development team had their own standalone workstation with local memory; storage and CPU/GPU compute capability. The design data was usually stored locally... [Read more]