Wednesday, September 28th, 2016

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Nominees for 2017 TEC Awards Announced

September 2016 – The upcoming Winter NAMM show held in Anaheim in January is once again hosting the TEC Awards that are recognizing achievement in technology and use of technology for music creation. The show will be hosted by comedian Sinbad for the third year in a row. The event is being held on Saturday January 21, 2017 at the Hilton Anaheim Pacific Ballroom. Along with the TEC awards, the NAMM... [Read more]

Fathom Highlights Dr Strangelove

September 2016 – Fathom Events and Turner Classic Movies, brought back to the big screen the iconic satirical black comedy about nuclear war Dr Strangelove, Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb that was produced and directed by Stanley Kubrick. The mid 1960’s film is still an impressive and hilarious bit of cinema, and show the mastery of the story telling as the last B&W... [Read more]

Advanced Broadcast Technology Presents Quantum on Media Storage

September 2016 – Roadway.Media is producing a new technology themed television show called Advanced Broadcast Technology. The show is a traditional technology lecture format that highlights themes and innovation in the broadcast and content creation industries. The inaugural episode will be broadcast on Tuesday Sept 20, 2016 on San Francisco Bay Area Comcast Channel 27, AT&T Channel 99 and... [Read more]

Fathom Events Snowden Live

September 2016 – A couple of days before the nationwide theatrical release, Fathom Events had a special showing of the new Oliver Stone film Snowden. The event was highlighted by informational questions and answers regarding the Snowden incident and a post film interview with Oliver Stone, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Shailene Woodley in the US and Edward Snowden via video from Moscow. Fathom Events... [Read more]

Diodes/Pericom launches PCIe and Redrivers at IDF

August 2016 – At this year’s IDF, Pericom was showing their long time series of re-timers, re-drivers, and packet switch products under their new parent company name of Diodes Inc. Pericom, which was established in 1990, was acquired by Diodes Inc in November 2015. Diodes/Pericom PCIe Gen 2 Packet Switch Solutions at IDF 2016 A major announcement was the launch of the PCIe Gen 2 Packet Switches... [Read more]

DJI & Epson partner on drones by Peter McGuinness

Interdrone 2016, Las vegas: Epson announced a partnership with DJI to create the next generation of consumer augmented reality applications for the Epson Moverio smart glasses and DJI's suite of products and SDK for the drone marketplace. Priced in the $600 - $700 range, Epson’s second generation BT-200 Moverio glasses have been available since 2014. The current generation BT-300 model was introduced... [Read more]

Intel 7th Gen Core Targets Media Applications

August 2016 – In a briefing at Intel Developer Forum, they provided an overview of the new generation of laptop and desktop computer Core Processor chips that form the i3/i5/i7 series of devices.    The new generation, the 7th in the Core series line, uses the improved design rule version of the Intel 14nm process that is being called the 14nm+.  The denser design rules allows... [Read more]

Snowden Live – Live Q&A From Moscow on 9/14/16

September 2016 – Fathom Events is once again bringing a one-night only event for viewers in cinema with a truly unique experience. In select theaters across the US, they are presenting, in association with Open Road Films, a preview showing of the new Oliver Stone film Snowden, in an event called “Snowden Live”. The nationwide opening of the film is Friday 9/16, and on Wednesday, September... [Read more]

Kalray brings multicore processing to storage

August 2016 – At the Flash Memory Summit, Multi-core processor developer Kalray was showing their new application in the storage space. The new solution uses not only the majority of the CPU power for processing but, also allows for the implementation of storage interfaces, high speed NICs and crypto. The product features in path encryption and decryption, compression, acceleration and secure erasure... [Read more]

Flash Memory Summit HDR/UHD/4K panel

August 2016 – This year, the Flash Memory Summit featured an entire panel track that was focusing on Media and Entertainment. One of the panels discussed the growing use of flash memory for HDR, UHD and 4K content capture and editing. The panel was moderated by Lidia Paulinska, Editor in Chief of Bright Blue Innovation Intl, and host of the talk show Bright Blue Innovation. The panel featured... [Read more]