Thursday, September 18th, 2014

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New Terry Gilliam movie THE ZERO THEOREM

 What is the reason for human existence? What brings us happiness? The latest Terry Gilliam film, THE ZERO THEOREM, might not give us a definite answer, but searches for one with spectacular and remarkable visual images that he is known for. Gilliam, like always, is funny, witty, provocative, smart and surprising.  In futuristic London, Qohen Leth , a computer genius works on a mysterious... [Read more]

HP Workstation Labs Tour in Ft Collins

September 2014 – Part of the announcement and briefing on the new HP Z series workstations was a tour of the labs and Level 3 technical support area for the workstations. The facility in Ft Collins has a long history – nearly 30yrs of building workstations, high performance computing stations and customized graphics accelerators including high performance graphics ICs. As a result, being a system... [Read more]

HP Professional Displays and R&D show off

September 2014 – At the HP workstation briefing in Ft Collins, CO they were showing off the latest version of the professional displays, plus some prototype that have in progress in R&D. The kickoff of the briefing on displays was done by Ann Lai – Director of the Commercial Business Segment for the Displays Business Unit. The main presentation was on the refresh of the DreamColor displays... [Read more]

HP Z Workstations get a refresh for 2014

September 2014 – HP introduced a refresh on their market leading Z series workstations. The full product line – the 4XX, 6XX, and 8XX desktop/rack mount workstations have all been updated to support the new E5-1600/2600 Gen 3 processors and chipsets. The ZBook line has been updated to support the Gen4 i5 and i7 processors. The new models are the Z440, Z640 and Z840 workstation and the ZBook 15... [Read more]

Broadcom accelerates IoT development

August 2014 – The diversity of applications in the marketplace for the Internet of Things (IoT) has caused the development world to start from multiple places in order to bring products in the space to market. Companies are starting at the cloud level, app level, sensor level, communication level and processor level to build a design to address a problem. To address this mixed bag of options, Broadcom... [Read more]

Content protection moving to STB and TV

August 2014 – In an update from Cryptography Research, a division of Rambus we had a chance to sit down with their development team and the President & Chief Scientist Paul Kocher about their next generation Hard IP solution for playout content protection. The solution is being targeted not only to the telcos and cable/satellite companies for their Set Top Boxes (STBs) but is making its way... [Read more]

AMD ProGraphics gets an Overhaul

August 2014 – Following the launch of the AMD Firepro W9100 at NAB and the W8100 at Infocomm, AMD has now released the full line of the redesigned and re-architected professional series graphics cards. The W8100 and W9100 are high end cards for the content creation and 3D design world with both the highest performance on-screen graphics capability and the highest performance GPU compute capability... [Read more]

Micron Celebrates Silicon Valley

August 2014 – At the Computer History Museum in Mt View, CA, Micron sponsored a celebration of the innovation and energy of Silicon Valley with a gallery showing and presentation of the images from Fearless Genius. The book chronicles the inner workings of some iconic businesses in the Silicon Valley between 1985 and 2000. These companies include Next Computer, Apple, Adobe, Autodesk and others. Doug... [Read more]

Sharknado2 – Up on the Big Screen

August 2014 – Fathom Events which is bet known for live theater and musical performances shown on the large screen in cinema format, continued the summer extravaganza from SyFy network Sharknado with a viewing of Sharknado 2 in 650 theaters across the US in a single night viewing. At the local cinema there were high expectations of the crowd that got there early, only to see a mostly empty theater.... [Read more]

The First TechLawSF Startup Weekend

August 2014 – The UC Hastings Law School acted as the organizers and coordinators for the first TechLaw Startup Weekend that was held at AirBnB’s headquarters in San Francisco. The five organizers from Hastings for the event were Kristen Killian, BethMcCarthy, Hanna Konitshek, Gabby Grinberg and Ashley Dymond. The 2.5 day event was run by Startup Weekend in Seattle that is a non-profit organization... [Read more]