Friday, March 24th, 2017

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HardwareCon joins with Hardware Massive for 2017

March 2017 – For the 2017 HardwareCon event, once again being held at the San Leandro CA Zero Net Energy Center, is being presented in the new combined theme of their recent merger with Hardware Massive. The event continues to provide the maker community the next step in the path to a company after they have invented a product, but bringing in supply chain, experts, legal and infrastructure partners... [Read more]

Logitech brings 4K to enterprise for capture

 February 2017 – Webcams have been an integrated part of mobile computing and an add-on for desktop computing for several decades. These cameras have been increasing in performance over the years for image size, resolution, frame rate and color clarity. They have been bounded by the interface speed of USB2 which limited the capabilities for live streaming. This streaming capability includes... [Read more]

Logitech updates presenters for the modern office

February 2017 – The office environment has changed dramatically over the past decades. Electronic presentations have all but replaced the paper distribution in the standard weekly meetings. The biggest change in this routine is the move away from table top projectors in the conference room in favor of flat screen high definition screens. These screens are used for both video conferencing and... [Read more]

TEC Awards 2017 at NAMM

January 2017 – At the Winter NAMM show in Anaheim they hosted the 32nd annual TEC awards. This event, that recognizes technical & creative achievement in the sound and music business, was highlighted with the presentation of the Les Paul Award and the induction to the TEC Awards Hall of Fame. The Les Paul Award this year was presented to Joe Perry for his contributions as an artist and music... [Read more]

Blackmagic Design Multiview 4 review

December 2016 – While testing equipment for the broadcast studio upgrade, we tested the Blackmagic Design Multiview 4. The unit was used to check the on-location coverage by a multi-camera arrangement to see the captured images before going to storage and the video mixer. The Multiview 4 is the smaller version of the Multiview line which also has a 16 input system. The Multiview 4 has both an... [Read more]

Blackmagic Design Teranex simplifies studio broadcast

December 2016 – We recently had the chance to spend a full month with the Blackmagic Design Teranex Express format converter. We tested out the product in a production studio that was broadcasting both SD and FHD content on air and for streaming. The studio features both production shows and live in-studio broadcast using a traditional Newtek Tricaster with a 3G and 6G camera and data flow. Blackmagic... [Read more]

Logitech Smartdoc for Surface Pro

December 2016 – Logitech showed off their new SMB and enterprise collaboration solution that is centered around the Skype for Business communications software and a hardware integration platform centered on the current generation of Surface Pro tablet. The Smartdoc solution supports many of the existing PTZ cameras from the Logitech line, as well as a custom hardware control block that featured... [Read more]

AMD rolls out new processor architecture

December 2016 – After an extended period of gradual change the past decade, AMD has released a new computing architecture for the desktop computing environment for the personal computer marketplace. The architecture change to the new “Zen” design modernizes the single tasked office automation (wordprocessing, spreadsheets, etc) optimized structure to a multitask and media centric processing... [Read more]

AMD Enhances Machine Learning

 December 2016 - At the AMD Tech Summit, CEO Lisa Su introduced a major shift in the data center and computing marketplace. SVP and Chief Architect of the Radeon Tech Group Raja Koduri presented AMD response to these developments in the marketplace. The market has seen the initial trend of the standalone PC moving to the Web Browser Era, we then entered the Smartphone and Apps Era. We are now... [Read more]

2016HP ZBook G3 Workstation Reviews

December 2016 – We recently had a chance to review, in a live production environment, the HP Zbook 15 G3 mobile workstation and the HP Zbook 17 G3 mobile workstation. Both of the units featured fifth generation Xeon quad core processors, discrete Nvidia graphics, 15.6” UHD Dreamcolor displays and Windows 10 Pro. The workstations were used as a center point for video processing for several live... [Read more]