Friday, July 1st, 2016

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IoT in the Connected Home

May 2016 – One of the challenges of the smart home and the incorporation of IoT into that home, is the mitigation of risk to benefit. In the past, adoption of these technologies, such as alarm systems, motion detectors, high security door locks, were brought to the mainstream in association with insurance subsidies. These subsidies help create a ROI time table for the product that brings more than... [Read more]

What does Interoperability mean for the smart home?

May 2016 – One of the big issues for the Smart Home was addressed at the Parks Associates Connections Conference. What does interoperability mean for the smart home, and how will it enter the market? The panel discussion consisted of software, cloud, hardware and device providers focusing on a number of issues. One of the major points was that there is no dominant wireless technology that would... [Read more]

Intel Unite Transforms the Meeting Room

June 2016 – A number of the Intel employees were challenged at being in locations where file collaboration and secure communication became a problem when in offsite locations, traveling, and even in a diversity of buildings in their own company. The system has a standard dedicated PC running Windows 7,8,or 10 that is just a core box, no display or keyboard, that is network connected and has the... [Read more]

Quantum Dots drive display color at SID

May 2016 – As LCD FPD are being challenged by OLED and AMOLED, the technology is seeking solutions to keep their manufacturing cost advantage and increase performance. One of the areas of performance increase is in the area of color space addressed. Nanosys is a long time leader in quantum dot technology, several years ago they partnered with 3M to create a new color film as part of the lamination... [Read more]

Category Design at the Churchill Club by Chris Graham

June 2016 - What does Birdseye Frozen Foods, Five Hour Energy and Netflicks have in common? They are all examples of successful application of the concepts now described as part of the discipline of Category Design. This discipline was the topic of discussion during the June 21st Open Forum Event hosted by the Churchill Club at the Rosewood Hotel. The presentation, titled “Category Design: How... [Read more]

Microsoft discusses Hololens at SID

May 2016 – Microsoft give one of the opening conference keynotes at this year’s SID Display Week conference. The focus of the talk was on the Disruptive Evolution of Computers through the Introduction of New Interactive Technologies. This long title translates to having compute resources becoming disruptive in changing daily activity because of the introduction and development of new displays... [Read more]

SID Display week is a haven for members

May 2016 – In a pre-event briefing lead by SID Head of Marketing Sri Preuvemba, talked about the growth of the event and the emergence of displays at the forefront of the device design. The show has had steady growth the past few years, recovering from the travel cutbacks from the recession years a short time back. SID 2016 Press Briefing This year, the event was up 12% over the prior year’s... [Read more]

SID Display Week dominated by OLED and Color

May 2016 – At the San Francisco SID Display Week event the business track highlighted the state of the industry and directions that are being followed. The highlight was the high growth being seen in the AMOLED marketplace. This is being driven by the high unit volumes of mobile devices. Correspondingly, the LCD marketplace was flat. The technology behind the AMOLED displays is allowing them... [Read more]

Opportunities and Challenges in Mobile Displays

May 24,2016, Society for Information Display, San Francisco—Hiroyuki Oshima from Japan Display presented a wide-ranging talk on displays, focusing on the next generation of mobile devices. This display category is primed with opportunities, yet faced with many technical challenges to achieve those opportunities. Displays have evolved from the early CRTs to flat panels, first as plasma then moving... [Read more]

Disruptive Evolution of Computing

May 24, 2016, Society for Information Display symposium, San Francisco—Steven Bathiche from Microsoft talked about the ongoing changes in all facets of computing. The changes over time include processing power, form factors, and interactivity. The next generations of computing will continue the levels of changes. Computers have evolved from room-sized behemoths requiring many kilowatts of power... [Read more]