Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

 September 30, 2010, Digital video Expo, Pasadena, CA—Oliver Peters, freelance editor and colorist described “Post Production Trends for 2011″in one of the last talks in the program. Cameras are driving a lot of changes in postproduction. The industry is seeing new codecs, recording media, and many other changes. Next-generation processing will use digital, still, and [...]

 September 29, 2010, Digital Video Expo, Pasadena, CA– Bruce Master, Senior program manager, IBM Corp. talked about “digital video storage – transport – archives for media and entertainment”. Media and entertainment are seeing massive increases in storage requirements, as HD requires work on this capacity standard definition, and 3-D is double that of HD. As [...]

 September 29, 2010, Digital video Expo Pasadena, CA, Gary Adcock, principal at studio 37 presented information on”3-D cameras and recording” and started by noting that 3-D is not twice as hard as 2-D, it’s harder. The challenges are driven by the complexity of equipment. The cameras must interact so it’s important that they all share [...]

 September 29, 2010, Digital Video Expo, Pasadena, CA– in a hardware session, Richard Harrington, CEO of RHEP pixel, Inc. talked about using a digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera for creating video content. The first consideration is the body characteristics and available accessories. The imaging sensor resolution for still pictures a significantly higher than that [...]