Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

Nanosys – Nanotech power arriving soon


 We recently had a chance to talk to Jason Hartlove of Nanosys about the directions they are going in and their announcement about expansion into Asia. They recently added direct local support in Korea and announced licensing programs with both LG and Samsung. The local support offices feature both Q&A type of support as well as advanced analysis facilities The offices are located in the Korean Advanced Nanotech Center (KANE) which is a laboratory centric industrial park which features a centralized metrology lab, SEM/TEM facility, particulate analysis and other nanotechnology centric specialized tools and services.

Similarly in their Palo Alto headquarters, they are located near by facilities with new equipment to support detailed analysis. They have also updated their manufacturing plant ot support both pilot runs and volume manufacturing of the nanomaterials. These architected materials, even in production, are still under their standard licensing for application model and licensed material model. At this time they are still not licensing the manufacturing flow of these materials to third parties.

The company recently launched a new market product in the battery technology sector. The new nanomaterials, shown at the October battery technology show in San Jose, has a high energy capacity anode for Li-ion batteries. These have been licenced to both Japanese and Chinese partners for use in high capacity cells. These batteries are targeted for cellin in the IT space which is the largest market serving smart phones, tablets, laptops, netbooks and cameras.


Nanosys Nanotech anode batteries


In addition to the quantum dot and battery markets, they are targeting 2011 announcements in the Clean Tech arena and in the near future other niche high growth material centric markets..

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