Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

Mobile Device Security & Management – Interop 2011


 May 10, 2011 - Las Vegas, NV - Smith Micro was showing their wireless connection manager product at Interop. Unlike other offerings which are targeted at either the end user level or the IT admin level, the Smith Micro product also supports telco and spectrum owners for private RF networks. Their device management suite is carrier agnostic and supports iOS, Android and Symbian operating systems for the mobile products. The suite can be customized to offer only specific capabilities to the end users for support.


Smith Micro - Manage Mobile Devices

The Device Management Suite  is built around a logical policy engine for services and security. The system tracks and enables location based services as a well as dynamic service provisioning. This means functions can be enabled and disabled based on the location of the device (e.g. when on site at work with access to the office network and being able to print vs moving the same device to your home and being view only). The network client is also extensible to support on and off network functionality. These functionality include remote update, lock and wipe capabilities. The centralized console is based on OpenDM for maximal flexibility and server platform diversity.


The client and server products are on an per device per year/multi-year basis (OPEX only) license. The administration and core console in the current form exists on a standard network server, and in the future will be available as a cloud licensable model.

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