Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

 chicBuds is best known for its fashion oriented designs of mobile music accessories. A new addition to their girls side of the products is the Fauvette rechargeable speaker. The fashionable bird shaped speaker is available in 3 colors (blue, pink and black crystal) , is small enough to hold in your hand and charges from a [...]

 Sept 2011 – Continuing our review of gaming headphones, we had a chance to test the Rude Gameware Primal Gaming Audio Wireless headphones and microphone for the Xbox360. These headsets were tested in both single player mode and multi-player mode using on-line chat in the gaming platforms.   Rude Gameware – Primal Wireless Headset for Xbox [...]

 CyberSnipa is best known for its high performance gaming mice and control pads. They have recently introduced a rechargeable mini speaker for enhancing the laptop gaming experience and also any table based listening from an MP3 player or tablet with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. Review Summary: Pro – Strong sound and Bass, rechargeable, compact size, [...]

 We received a SanDisk 120Gb SATAII (3Gbps) SSD drive to review for replacement in systems with a traditional 2.5″ HDD. The drive was in a retail box package which includes the drive, some packing, and an instruction sheet in a very eco-friendly small package. The drive itself, is housed in an multi-piece shell that has [...]

 September 2011 – The new processors and chipset systems shown at Intel Developer Forum, now support a number of high speed (around and near 5Gbps) interfaces. These connections – HDMI, Display Port (DP), USB 3.0, PCIe Gen 3, and Thunderbolt all operate a low power (3.3 and dual 3.3v/1.5v) from the main chipset for the [...]

 Sept 13, 2011 – San Francisco, CA – The Intel Developer Forum, as usual, brought a number of new technologies to the forefront. This year, more than usual, the technology had a major underlayer of challenges and goals for both the hardware and software community to realize the visions presented. The major announcements included the [...]

 We talked with Jeff Ravencraft, president of the USB Implementers Forum at IDF to get an update on the latest version of USB. A year after its introduction, there are over 265 products certified to meet the new requirements, and will be native in the Ivy Bridge APU when it comes out next year. USB [...]

 We talked with Ryan Smith, senior manager for SSD product marketing at Samsung about the trends and drivers in the storage industry, when we were at IDF. The standard response was drives are getting bigger and faster. In the enterprise or data center, storage selection is a function of read-write ratios, throughput, and latency. Some [...]

  September 13, 2011, IDF, San Francisco—Paul Ottellini, CEO, talked about the future of computing at the Intel Developers Forum. Computing is going through some fundamental transformations resulting in the user becoming the center. Although increased productivity is always a goal, we’re now in the early stages in the evolution in computing. PC used to [...]

 August 24, 2011, Hot Interconnects 19, Santa Clara, CA—Greg Papadopoulos, venture partner at New Enterprise Associates and former CTO of Sun Microsystems talked about “The Computer That is The Network: The Future History of Big Systems”.   Hot interconnect 19 2011 We are in the midst of a revolution where the cost to connect drops [...]