Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

CyberSnipa – Sonar Portable Mini Speakers – Review


 CyberSnipa is best known for its high performance gaming mice and control pads. They have recently introduced a rechargeable mini speaker for enhancing the laptop gaming experience and also any table based listening from an MP3 player or tablet with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack.

CyberSnipa Sonar Rechargeable Mini Speaker

Review Summary:
Pro - Strong sound and Bass, rechargeable, compact size, Clear voice for gaming applications, reasonable price
Con - Audio Range only 185K-16KHz, only USB2 charging
Overall - Very compact, portable, high sound volume and quality speaker. For those seeking console like sound from a laptop or tablet gaming experience and the ability to playback music to share with others, this is the product.

Media players, including MP3, smart phones, and tablets; tend to have highly compressed music on them that is targeted toward stereo playback on open-air headsets and ear buds. As a result, both self power, and extended frequency ranges are needed to allow these media to sound “correct” when played back in open air via a speaker. The Sonar Mini Speaker, has an internal 3W power source that is rechargeable via a USB2 connection for 4 hours of playback. The speaker is very compact in size at ~2.7" square and only 1.65" high when closed. This houses a 40mm (1.57") speaker that operated from 180hz to 16KHz.

The loss at the high end from a typical 20KHz audio band, is not apparent in playback, as most of this high end is clipped by the high compress AAC and MP3 format recordings. The challenge of big sound is from the bass. For the full flow of air that is needed to provide the deep base response one expects from most music, the Sonar Mini Speaker has a patented expanding air chamber. The speaker housing expands with a bellows over the speaker cone to allow for an extra length of travel for the sound realizing the both the volume and depth of sound. The speaker stands out especially well with Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, and Jazz which are heavily tunes to accentuate the 1Khz and below range.


CyberSnipa Patented Airflow Diagram


The speaker also adds a new dimension to laptop and tablet gaming. Most on-line or PC games support 5.1 surround sound. Typical built-in speakers for these machines are not capable of producing clean “big” sound that is a strong part of the gaming experince. There are also times, when the player/operator does not want to burdened with extended game play using headsets. The external speaker provides a good clear sound, and especially with talk/chat taking place over the same speaker as the sound track. One of the issues with gaming on a laptop, is the clarity of the communication channel to the other players. This speaker allows you to use either the built in mic of the computer/tablet or an external mic and then have fast response intelligible sound from the other players. The sub $30 MSRP makes this a must have accessory for portable music listening or gaming.


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