Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

 We talked with Xilinx at the ARM TechCon about some of related packages for the Zynq programmable platform. The Zynq is an ARM dual-core Cortex-A9 embedded in a programmable fabric that was released earlier this year. The family of devices has been in development for over 4 years, to optimize the architecture and create an [...]

 October 12, 2011, IPSO Alliance, Santa Clara, CA–The IPSO Alliance had Witt Diffie talk about data security. Diffie is half of the Difie-Hellman key exchange protocol for encryption. Technology and cryptography have been on a parallel evolution path since the beginning of the 20th century. When Marconi demonstrated the wireless telegraph, the first users were [...]

 October 12, 2011, IPSO Alliance, Santa Clara, CA–The IPSO Alliance had Bo Begole from PARC talk about changing business models and technologies that will change the way people interact with their worlds. These new models will cause more independent R&D companies to form to address the many changing requirements. Once devices know your location, they [...]

 October 12, 2011, IPSO Alliance, Santa Clara, CA–The IPSO Alliance had Stuart Sikes from Parks Associates talk about the many technology opportunities residential energy management offers. The opportunities for IP connected products and services include saving energy, money, enable lifestyle control convenience, fuel the extensions of machine-to-machine communications, and take greater advantage of eh cloud [...]

 October 4, 2011, TVNext, San Jose, CA–A panel considered the issues of competitive pressures, new TV ecosystems, and emerging technologies on existing and future service providers. Colin Dixon from the Diffusion Group acted as moderator. The panel included David Jacobs form Amdocs, Ben Huang from Microsoft, Keith Kelley from Motorola Mobility, Eric Freund from SureWest [...]

 October 5, 2011, TVNext, San Jose, CA–A panel of industry insiders, moderated by Colin Dixon from The Diffusion Group, looked at the coming issues on next generation TV. The panel consisted of Ken Morse from Cisco SVPG, Ted Grauch form Comcast Cable, Rick Dean from THX, Ryan Massie from CBS Interactive, and Brandon Lucas BET [...]

 October 4, 2011, TVNext, San Jose, CA–A panel considered the issues of the multi-platform universe. Jeremy Toeman from Dijit Media moderated the panel. Panel members included John Clancy from Azuki Systems, Sherry Brennan from Fox Networks, Kurt Hoppe from LG Electronics, and Richard Bullwinkle from Rovi Corp. Bullwinkle stated that perspective changes for the multi-screen [...]

 October 5, 2011, TVNext, San Jose, CA–Eric Bruno from Verizon Communications described the intersection of mobile devices and the cloud and how it is changing the network as a platform for media delivery. Revolutionary changes are happening in the consumption space. Now there are many very intelligent connected devices and they are all connected through [...]

 September 22, 2011, 3-D User Experience Technical Summit, Hollywood–A panel discussed the needs and types of data that will most help the content creation community. The transition to 3-D is showing a large gap in the understanding of 3-D effects production and their affects on viewers. Phil Lelyveld from the Entertainment Technology Center at USC [...]

Nov 1, 2011 – Scotts Valley, CA – Seagate today announced their product integration into the new Barracuda drive family that is tagged “the power of one”. The “One” refers to a single drive technology that incorporates all of the recent industry programs and changes into a 1TB per single platter 3.5″ HDD. Seagate – [...]