Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017

 December 8, 2011, Advanced Manufacturing Partnership, UCB, Berkeley, CA—An industry panel looked at issued for advanced manufacturing. Krishna Mikkilineni from Honeywell moderated the panel. Panel members included Mathew Ganz from Boeing, Will Coleman from Mohr Davidow Ventures, Dan Jones from Intuitive surgical, Omkaram Nalamasu from Applied Materials, Darlene Solomon from Agilent Technology, and Kurt Peterson [...]

December 8, 2011, Advanced Manufacturing Partnership, UCB, Berkeley, CA—A panel of government agencies discussed the issues for next-generation manufacturing. Arati Prabhakar from the US Department of Energy moderated the panel. Panel members included David Brinkley from the Department of Defense, Leo Chrisodoulou from the Department of Energy, Patrick Gallagher from the National Institute of Standards [...]

 December 5, 2011, UCB, Advanced Manufacturing Partnership, Berkeley, CA—Krishna Mikkilineni from Honeywell and the local workshop leader noted that technology is increasingly difficult to transfer to high volume. Specific aspects of a technology become a tradable property within the world-wide product development and manufacturing areas. The workshops are important to validate the work of the [...]

 December 5, 2011, UCB, Advanced Manufacturing Partnership, Berkeley, CA—Tom Kalil from the office of the President’s Office of Science and Technology described the governments’ efforts to advance domestic manufacturing capabilities. These next-generation processes will be both the necessary and also the enabling technologies for world-wide competitiveness. Advanced manufacturing is a broad topic, so the first [...]

 December 1,2011, Printed Electronics USA 2011, Santa Clara, CA—Janos Veres from PARC detailed the developments in printed logic and memory devices. Their approach is to create technologies and systems in building-block form. PARC has extensive experience in printed sensors, logic, memory, and active matrix backplanes. They continue to push capabilities and limits in all areas [...]

 Dec 2011 – As one of the new CES accessories we received a Cobra CigFlex car mobile device stand and USB charger. The unit features a flexible neck to allow for positioning of a mobile device for both optimal viewing and control in vehicles with the auto-accessory port (12v cigarette plug) not located near the [...]

 Dec 2011 – We recently had the chance to review the Cobra Delux CBTH1-Plus over-the-head style Bluetooth Wireless headset for use with cellphones. This single speaker design, has an adjustable “boom” style mic that can be positioned for optimized voice pickup in noise environments as well as being comfortable to wear for extended periods. Cobra [...]

 At the 2011 3-D Architectures for Semiconductor Integration and Packaging Conference held in San Mateo, CA this month, speaker after speaker made it pretty apparent that 3D is for real. Though there are still competing flavors of 3D, and some advocate ‘2.5D’ as a safe stepping stone, the cost and reliability of 3D are now [...]

 December 1,2011, Printed Electronics USA 2011, Santa Clara, CA—Joshua Windmiller from UC San Diego illustrated their efforts in wearable printed sensors. As electronics and sensors continue their progression of shrinking and adding new capabilities, eventually a full laboratory will be reduced to the size of a postage stamp. This reduction will allow sensors to be [...]

 December 1,2011, Printed Electronics USA 2011, Santa Clara, CA—Warren Jackson from HP talked about fabricating large area metal oxide thin film transistors (MOTFT) using roll-to-roll imprint lithography. These developments can be applied to many areas including displays, packaging, and civil and military functions. MOTFTs offer many advantages over amorphous silicon and poly-silicon. A-Si has low [...]