Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017

Next-gen Manufacturing


 December 5, 2011, UCB, Advanced Manufacturing Partnership, Berkeley, CA—Krishna Mikkilineni from Honeywell and the local workshop leader noted that technology is increasingly difficult to transfer to high volume. Specific aspects of a technology become a tradable property within the world-wide product development and manufacturing areas.

The workshops are important to validate the work of the other AMP groups. In essence, the whole nature of advanced manufacturing is to clearly delineate the costs and benefits of making versus buying a product. Companies and countries need to understand their core and non-core competencies to retain those that provide differentiation and its associated values.

Overall, the cost of manufacturing is increasing as a percentage of total cost of goods. The AMP workshops are focused on the emerging technologies and the skilled workforce needed to implement those technologies. In the global marketplace, all manufacturers have to optimize their supply chain costs to be able to deliver cost-effective goods.

Cross-cutting technologies like sensors, computers, and nano-technologies are moving into mass production. Scientists developing new materials need to know what aspects of those materials matter and also ensure that the new materials don't have adverse effects on the planet and its populations. As a result, we have to define new roadmaps to increase technological readiness and robustness.

Working in a joint development structure increases the research capabilities by reducing overlap and redundancy. Putting research into domain-specific centers of excellence improves funding efficiency through shared research teams and localized processing equipment. Sematech is an example of this shared approach, where nominal competitors work together on basic technologies and then transfer those technologies into manufacturing and design for product differentiation and implementation.

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