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More Showstoppers CES 2012


 January 10, 2011 - Showstoppers Las Vegas at CES - There were some additional products of interest at the event that were part of the audio, computing and gaming space.

Blue Microphones - Tiki USB Mic

Blue Microphones was showing their new Tiki dual portable USB microphone. The unit, which will be available in first half 2012, has two microphones and it auto selects the best one based on the location of the sound. The mic does not require any software or configuration and features an auto noise cancelling features to eliminate background noise and typing sound on the host computer as well as an auto on/off mute system that operates with voice dictation, VOIP calls and video conferencing. The microphone can also be switched with a single button, to turn off the DSP controls and have a raw sound recording, with the ambient noise and background, for music.



Xi3 Compact Modular x86 Computer

Xi3 was showing a small formfactor modular computer based on an AMD x86 processor and a standard 780E Northbridge and SB710 Southbridge chipset. In addition to the small size of the unit, and its unique plug-in motherboard design, the driving spec was the power use. The entire unit, capable of driving dual 2560x1600 displays, and an SSD consumes only 8-20W based on configuration. This allows the device to be used as a full computing node as an embedded product, The device is a low enough power draw to be operated from an industrial battery system or solar panel for remote location use. In addition to standalone and server applications, the unit can be used a data processing node for realtime video streaming and storage.


On the gaming side, both G5 Entertainment - workflow and app based game publishing, and MadCatz - console and PC gaming peripherals were at the event. G5 was showing a number of their new Android tools and Android games. MadCatz was showing some of their new gaming mice and keyboards for the PC. These are optimized for RPGs and FPS games.

A shift product from the mainstream Windows flows, Corel was showing thier AfterShot Pro product. Not only is this photofinishing program multi-threaded and supporting multi-core, but it runs under Windows, MacOS, and Linux. The Linux port has been tested on Unbuntu and RedHat. They indicated that it should work with most kernel builds since 2008 including FreeBSD derivatives. This multi-core workflow on Linux significantly out performs the Windows and MacOS versions, especially with macro based repeat processing.

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