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Sandisk – CES


 January 9, 2012, CES, Las Vegas—Sandisk introduced a number of new storage products for consumer use.

The most interesting announcement was the iNAND Ultra embedded flash memory which will be built in a 19nm process technology. The latest parts are still using the 2-bit per cell architecture from previous generations. Early testing shows that the multi-level cell devices will have similar retention and endurance characteristics as the current generation. This aspect is unusual, since most other flash manufacturers are seeing reduced endurance and higher bit error rates for the fine-line processes. The parts have only a small amount of error correction to maintain the bit error rates.

One product in the 19 nm technology is a 128 GB SDXC form factor. The part features up to 45MB/sec read/write speed for fast data transfers. The card includes a built-in write-protect switch to help prevent accidental data loss. For added protection, the card includes a one-year downloadable offer for RescuePRO Deluxe data recovery software (a $59.99 value), which can bring accidentally deleted images back to life.

They are using advanced manufacturing and packaging techniques to deliver storage capacities up to 64GB in a package just 11.5mm x 13mm in size. The eMMC MLC devices are intended for use in many types of CE devices.

SanDisk iNAND 64GB SSD


And now, the flash storage devices are optimized for mobile OSs to deliver better user experiences. The new products feature up to 20 megabyte per second (MB/sec) sequential write and up to 80MB/sec sequential read performance for faster file transfers. The designs ensure the tight integration required between the host device and embedded flash memory.

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