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Samsung Smart Media Hub – CES Launch


 January 2012, Las Vegas, In addition to the massive floor display of TVs, appliances, and mobile electronics which dominated the Central Hall of the LVCC, Samsung also filled most of the Cosmopolitan Hotel conference rooms with specialized product briefings. One of the briefings was an update and the release of the Smart Media Hub.

Since the preview in Dec, the unit was now updated to support both the iPad and the Kindle Fire in addition to Android phones/tables and smart TVs. The unit was shown to be able to support 4 simultaneous devices through the Wifi access port. This device could be used as a centralized backup to USB storage (hard disk or flash drive) or to be an optical storage unit that allows for writing of the photos, music and videos to DVD without a computer in the loop.

Unlike the Seagate GoFlex product, that only works on a LAN level, this unit can connect and both upload/download devices as an IP reachable node on the internet. This allows a WAN level connection from the mobile devices when you are away from the home network. The device is DLNA compliant and can be controlled by those devices as well as be a source control for DLNA devices. This allows the HDD and disk to searchable from the end point devices.

The DVD player in the device can support two separate devices watching the data simultaneously, as long as they are not on the same point in the disk. This means you can start a disk playing to the TV, and when it gets to track 1 or later, you can start a tablet or mobile device on the same media starting at track 0.

The unit has an internal antenna that supports 802.11b/g/ draft n protocols. As it is a streaming only device, the DVD and photo data are not transcoded on send, and the end point devices have to be able to handle the color depth, and resolution of the source files being sent. The unit is available in Q1'12 in retail outlets at an MSRP of $129.99 and is available in black, white and red. This is the only device on the market that allows DLNA control and access, LAN and WAN access capability for existing phyiscal media content that is both owned and rented. Based on the streaming traffic congestion, it is most times more practical to rent a disk from an automated kiosk or mail service and play it on these devices than consume large quantities of a data plan traffic or suffer for pauses and interruptions due to WAN bandwith limits on live cloud based content streaming.


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  1. NEC says:

    Its great when disk playing to the TV, and when it gets to track 1 or later, you can start a tablet or mobile device on the same media starting at track 0.

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