Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

 January 2012 – At CES this year Maxim introduced a new family of consumer electronics system ICs, we recently had a chance to catch up with Vijay Ullal, Group President, Consumer & Automotive Solutions away from the craziness of the show to talk about the new TINI product line and the directions at Maxim. The [...]

 February 23, 2012, Berkeley, CA – At the Berkeley Engineering research conference (BEARS2012) there was a breakout session from the BWRC group on the advances and long term directions in wireless communications and networking. The breakout was led by Ken Lutz, the Director of the center followed by a presentation by Prof. Jan Rabaey which [...]

 February 22, 2012, ISSCC, San Francisco—Image sensors built in CMOS have advanced to become the capture technology of choice in everything from cell phones through cinema. The challenges are to improve dynamic range, noise performance, capture 2-D and 3-D images, and operate at ever higher speeds. Sony introduced a single exposure global shutter with in-pixel [...]

 February 23, 2012, Berkeley EECS Annual Research Symposium, UC Berkeley—Michael Jordan described the emerging challenges of computing and tracking big data. This field is ripe with opportunity and peril. Big data offers the ability to greatly increase personalization, to get completely targeted content just for you. One problem is to eliminate false positive selections in [...]

 February 22, 2012, San Jose, CA – This years ethernet summit focused on data flow in the network, virtualization and also delays/latency/packet loss in the datapath. As the networking world shifts from 10GbE to 40G/100GbE backplanes and interconnects for servers, a number of the data integrity issues have to be addressed. The first day of [...]