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Maxim TINI Product Family makes Consumer Debut


 January 2012 - At CES this year Maxim introduced a new family of consumer electronics system ICs, we recently had a chance to catch up with Vijay Ullal, Group President, Consumer & Automotive Solutions away from the craziness of the show to talk about the new TINI product line and the directions at Maxim.

The new TINI products are full solution Ics that are not just components, they are targeted at solving application and space issues in current multi-media applications. The products are driven by the cell phone, tablet, PC, smart TV and home monitoring camera markets. Focusing on both monolithic and multi-die solutions, based on cost, technology involved and performance needs, the new products are utilizing current Maxim standard product technology in application configurations to address signal processing and power supply control for these new systems.

The portfolio includes Power SoCs utilizing new small packages (60% smaller than other industry parts) for the support of baseband processors and mixed signal applicaitons in audio, touch screen and battery management. There is also a Touch Screen Controller, Remote Cam SoC, TV Cam SoC, and several Audio Codecs.

The Touch screen controller (MAX11871) integrates a capacitive touch screen front end along with a CPU and DSP for the backend data processing and provides immunity to the AC charging that has long plagued these parts. The solution does not require any external passive components, as they are either integrated on the die or incorporated in the package. The simplified arrangement allows for single component solution in this application.

Similarly for the Cam interface product MAX64180. This AV subsystem has a full h.264 codec, ARM processor, and interface for HD video cameras including passives that allows the SoC to be placed in the bezel of Smart TVs and other IP camera applications.. Further supporting the AV arena, is the MAX98089 and MAX98095 Audio Codecs. These provide a high quality audio experience, including speaker drive in a low power single component.

The new product family is based providing reduced Time To Market (TTM) with single package integration for systems developers; high levels of integration and space reduction which includes passives, multi-die enclosures, multi-die stacking including TSVs; power reduction and management; and an increased reliability.

Maxim’s expertise in power conditioning and power management is a focal element in all of these systems. Thier integrated Power Management Ics contain up to 20LODs, 5 Buck converter and are used for systems with Gyros and Sensors as the basis for the mobile product voltage system. This expertise extends into USB3.0 products which have upwards of 5 Buck converters required for the design, and Maxim can integrate these in single products.

The question came up, of how they were planning to deploy and build these complex PMIC solutions. The new focus at Maxim is to work directly with target customers on what the specifications should be for a product, leverage their current standard product expertise and then craft industry leading solutions in the standard product space that address the needs of multiple customers. This methodology is based on close to 50% of the products shipping through the distribution channel.

Since 2007/2008 there is a renewed energy working with their largest distributor Avnet and making sure that stocking distributors Digikey & Mouser have inventory. These new programs include increased training for the personnel at the distributor to bring them in as a partner for the design process along with the customers. This allows the replication of the solution into a larger marketplace and the stocking nature brings a JIT program to the product ramp without custom manufacturing forecasts.

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