Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

February 27, 2012, Cloud Security Alliance Summit, San Francisco—A panel reviewed the next generation cloud security devices and services. Phillipe Courtot from Qualys moderated the panel whose members included Don Godfrey representing Zscaler, Matt Johansen from WhiteHat Security, David Lingenfelter from Fiberlink, and Patrick Harding from Ping Identity. What is the current level of comfort [...]

 February 27, 2012, Cloud Security Alliance Summit, San Francisco—Chris Kemp from Nebula, and former CTO of NASA, talked about the development efforts in creating an open stack for cloud computing through an open source community. The club platform is defined as an on-demand system that can scale quickly to any demand requirements and can have [...]

 February 27, 2012, Cloud Security Alliance Summit, San Francisco—Steve Harrod from VMware talked about the massive transformations due to virtualization, cloud, and mobile access. Security architectures need significant change to keep up with these transformations. If you are a chief information officer, your career is over. Users are raising and changing their expectations on functions [...]

 February 27, 2012, Cloud Security Alliance Summit, San Francisco—A panel discussed the various national and international standards for security. The challenges are that most of the standards are based on historical and legacy information technologies and they may not apply to cloud environments. Tim Mather from KPMG moderated the panel which included Mark Crandall from [...]

 February 27, 2012, Cloud Security Alliance Summit, San Francisco—Girish Juneja from Intel offered a broker model as an alternative to the growing complexity in cloud operations and management. People are finally realizing that enterprises are moving applications into the cloud. This been going on for many years, with examples like pay roll services on ADP. [...]

 February 27, 2012, Cloud Security Alliance Summit, San Francisco—Mike McConnell from Booz Allen Hamilton and former director of the NSA and former Director of National Intelligence talked about protecting state secrets in the cloud. As the drivers of technology and standards brings about changes, we have to add economics as another driver, because we need [...]

 February 28, 2012 – San Francisco, CA – At the RSA conference Netronome was showing their solutions featuring their current 65nm Flow processor chip. The co-processor chip, which is in the middle of a design migration to a small geometry process, is used in conjunction with an IA core processor which is connected through the [...]

 February 2012, PMC recently introduced several new products for the Fiber to the Home segment based on PON (Passive Optical Network) controllers. First introduced in 2006, they have now surpassed the 20M install ONU (Optical Network Unit). The new chips are for updating the bandwidth for the connections. PON is currently a 1G environment. EPON [...]