Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

 March 2012 – San Francisco, CA – At the Game Developers Conference Neurosky presented their new development program for helping companies monetize their technology through new applications. Their EEG has been incorporated into several products from games to rehabilitation products to preventive care applications. These resulted in a monetization model that included the program being [...]

 March 20, 2012, ISQED, Santa Clara, CA—Venu Menon from TI talked about the special needs for analog designs. Digital designs have long taken for granted the high levels of abstraction and automation available for design, something that the analog world is starting to address. To set the stage, the real world is captured and measured [...]

 March 19, 2012, ISQED, Santa Clara, CA—Cary Robertson and Rick Pier from Mentor described the challenges for extracting parasitics in designs below 28 nm. The designs need better extraction to ensure timing closure and manufacturability. As feature sized shrink, the different parasitic elements become more significant. Transistors accounted for about 35 percent of the parasitic [...]