Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

Metaio 3D Augmented Reality – GDC2012


 March 2012 - San Francisco, CA - At the Game Developer Conference , and as part of the ARM exhibit area, Metaio GmbH was showing their new 3D augmented reality tools and capabilities. The launch of the Nintendo 3DS brought headlines with the capability to generate and display 3D augmented objects in the screen from a 2D key. They have released a new free mobile SDK that will generate, in real time, 3D augmented reality objects on 3D objects. These 3D object keys are things like buildings, corners, cars, streets, etc. which for the base for the 3D AR overlay.

The SDK is free to developers and is available for iOS and Android applications. At this time, the code block is optimized for the ARM Mali GPU. The tools allow for the auto creation of the 3D objects in a point cloud (being released 3/14/12). A mobile kit joins a PC kit, a stationary design kit, an AR kit (called Engineer) for industrial solutions, and a web SDK. For the non-programmer developers there is the Creator product and the Junaio products.

The Junaio product supports a straight forward design flow for that has AR loading for PHP and can link into the Unity 3 gaming flow. The tools have been used on 1000's of apps including the well known and AR reference app the Lego 3D overlay. The stationary tools (Design) are bringing new features to the digital signage world and have now imcorporated facial recognition to bring a new level of interactive display to the signage market.

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