Sunday, March 26th, 2017

Renesas at ESC-SV


 We talked with Renesas about their latest products at Design West, formerly the Embedded Systems Conference. Among the new releases were a low power microcontroller, a motor control kit, a capacitive touch evaluation kit, and new software support for the various products.

The 32-bit RX62G group are optimized for digital power control applications, including motor control with power factor correction (PFC), digital power supply, uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) and solar inverters. Integrated DSP instruction and FPU enable efficient implementation of complex algorithms and control loops. With an embedded flash that works at CPU speed with no wait state, the RX62G delivers a real-time performance 165DMips at 100MHz in a pure deterministic manner.
The new series also feature four high-resolution timers, two 12-bit A/D converter units and one 10-bit A/D converter unit. The RX62G MCUs also integrate a new 16-bit general-purpose pulse-width-modulation timer (GPT), and MTU3 multifunction timer-pulse units specialized for motor control. hardware/software tool set offers the popular High-Performance Embedded Workshop (HEW) integrated development environment (IDE), which includes the RX-optimizing C/C++ compiler with integrated support for the
low-cost E1 JTAG on-chip debugging tool, as well as the comprehensive E20 high-speed trace on-chip debugging tool.

Small packages for the RX 6321 microcontroller family. The RX631 MCUs are now available in smaller 64-and 48-pin packages with smaller flash memory footprints of 256KB, 384KB and 512KB to serve cost and space constrained applications. The MCUs come with one channel of USB 2.0 full-speed (Host, device and OTG) and one CAN channel. In addition, communication, timer and analog peripherals including up to 12 A/D channels, a 10bit DAC and a real-time clock (RTC), which has a separate Vbat pin and built-in anti-tamper detection.

Development support for the RX600 MCUs include a hardware/software tool set from the company and third parties. The High-Performance Embedded Workshop (HEW) integrated development environment (IDE) includes the RX-optimizing C/C++ compiler with integrated support for the low-cost E1 JTAG on-chip debugging tool, as well as the E20 high-speed trace on-chip debugging tool.

The capacitive touch kit is based on a hardware-assisted capacitive touch key solution. This allows designers to evaluate and develop their own applications. The development tools include touch API firmware, application notes and the Touch Workbench tool for system fine tuning. The touch kit enables engineers to evaluate keypad, slide and wheel configurations (including a 3x4 keypad) for touch sensitivity and noise performance on a single-board system. Other capabilities include serial communications to a display subsystem, analog to digital conversion, Option to measure the MCU’s power consumption, A USB interface for system power and PC communication

The latest software and debug tools are an Eclipse-based IDE for their microcontrollers. The e2studio for RL78, RX600, and RX200 series of MCUs is supplied with build-phase plug-ins for Renesas, IARSystems, GreenHills Software and the free KPIT Cummins GNU compilers. Debug support includes E1 & E20 on-chip debuggers, IECUBE full specification emulators and Segger J-Link debugger. Renesas implemented a GDB interface with DSF extensions so real-time memory view, real-time expression view, and trace deliver the debugging necessary for today’s embedded code development.

In the medical division, support for the Continua data standards and apps continues and improves. The tools support various security protocols and have a protected flash that disables the debug interface for secure storage. The various medical MCUs have integrated encryption to further protect any data.

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