Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

Wireless HDMI Receiver


 While at the OTT conference, we talked with Cavium about their latest wireless interfaces and media processors. The company focuses on high-performance processors and interfaces. They now have a reference design featuring their media processor that should cost less than $20 for the total BoM. The reference design allows mobile devices with WiFi to connect wirelessly through HDMI outputs to the display.

The media processor can perform transcoding and upscaling from the smaller platforms, like notebooks, tablets, or phones, to a 1080p30 or 1080i60 display and supports the common audio and video formats and encoding protocols. Integrated audio and video engines enable multi-format decoding and a dedicated video graphics engine permits interface to custom GUIs. The media processor also hosts a cryptographic engine for HDCP 2.0 and DTCP-IP interfaces.

The whole interface can be placed into a small form factor package to allow for wireless connections the display with support for WFD, WiDi and DLNA. The DLNA software is from their acquisition of Montevista Software and contains the full stack for video interoperability. These capabilities have been in development for a while, and are fully DLNA compliant.

The module is targeted towards the display aftermarket for those TVs that don't have WiFi connections and to enable other platforms to connect to the TV set. It is possible to integrate the components into a larger device to add the connectivity to new products, or to create a wireless home media streaming receiver.

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