Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

 March 27, 2012, Design West Conference, San Jose, CA—Scott Emily from Ramtron posited that their F-RAM (ferro-electric RAM) is better suited for many applications than flash. The technology uses a different storage mechanism than most memories The storage element is a thin ferroelectric film of lead zirconate titanate [Pb(Zr,Ti)O3], commonly referred to as PZT. The [...]

 While at the OTT conference, we talked with Cavium about their latest wireless interfaces and media processors. The company focuses on high-performance processors and interfaces. They now have a reference design featuring their media processor that should cost less than $20 for the total BoM. The reference design allows mobile devices with WiFi to connect [...]

 As an extension to their existing touch solutions products, Atmel announced a flexible touch sensor. The Xsense is a flexible film-based touch sensor that can be integrated into a flat panel display. The impetus for this product is the growth in touch-based interfaces on many products. The primary drivers are smart phones and tablets, but [...]

 We talked with Cameron Swen of AMD about trends in embedded systems. The compute environment now enables the separation of functions and capabilities from the computational CPU/GPU platform. An example is some apps moving computation and storage to the cloud to reduce the workload at the endpoint. This thin client architecture provides benefits of lower [...]

March 2012 – San Francisco, CA – At the 2012 GDC we had a chance to sit down and talk about the company and thier new game “The Walking Dead” with TellTale Games’ founder & CEO Dan Conners. Unlike a number of the new gaming companies that have moved to third party workflows and render [...]

 Wacom is best known for their interactive pen displays, pen tablets and digital interactive products. Photographers and graphics artists have used Wacom tables for years in conjunction with illustration, web design and photoediting software from Corel and Adobe. The latest product from Wacom is the Intuous5 pen tablet with multitouch functionality. Wacom Intuos Tablets   [...]

We talked with Richard Duval from Tektronix about the latest releases in the TV and broadcast product lines. The test equipment and software releases cover all areas of technical work from field, to post, broadcast, and cable. For production, they have waveform monitor WFM7200 and rasterizer WVR7200—a waveform monitor without a display for rack use—to [...]

 Digital photography over the past few years has become, not only the popular choice, but the standard. While there are many photo editing platforms available, After Shot Pro is Corel’s affordable entry into the photo workflow marketplace($99.95). Corel has taken the core technology from its acquisition of Bibble Labs and its own PaintShop Pro and [...]

 March 2012- San Francisco, CA – At the Game Developer Conference in SF, Turtle Beach was showing their marketshare leading wireless headphone products and thier unique features that have been implemented for developers. The company, which has been a leader in the audio products since 1975 (pre-gen 1 of the gaming industry) currently has over [...]

 March 2012 – San Francisco, CA – Autodesk held an event at their San Francisco Gellery to give an overview of their new enhancements to their middleware and workflow product line Gameware. The enhanced workflow tools are bringing a larger portion of the development cycle in to a common platform to allow developers to have [...]