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AJA Offers Smaller and Faster


 April 16, 2012, NAB, Las Vegas—AJA Video Systems introduced a number of new products and product enhancements at the conference. These additions to the product lines provide capabilities that allow customers to work professionally in increasingly high-end formats using their desktop computing systems of choice.

AJA has been working to bridge the gap between invention and user needs. They have developed products that reduce the challenges of improving process or efficiency by doing both. For example, the tasks of getting content from shoots into the workflow are very clumsy. By combining multiple functions into a single box, they can eliminate some translation steps in the production flow.

They try to find or develop solutions for the problems faced by the smaller producers. Then they apply their learning to new products, and try to anticipate future needs in their existing equipment. To the extent possible, they try for a common UI and displays to simplify transitions to new models.

The first new release is v4.0 firmware for the Ki Pro Mini. This software release supports the Avid DNxHD video codec for Media Composer users. The Mini is available for $1995 and the codec is available as a free downloadable firmware upgrade.

For the coming release of Adobe Creative Suite 6, the IO Express, IO XT and the KONA families of products will get new drivers, available as a free download after CS6 is released. The drivers will interface with the new Adobe Mercury Transmit architecture as plug-ins.

The Ki Pro Rack will provide ready to edit recordings in a 1-RU form factor. Their 1-RU product replaces a deck and also includes an SSD for recording and circuits and software for rendering. This device creates ProRes or DNxHD native files for editing. Features include the ability to switch between Apple ProRes 422 and Avid DNxHD, built-in broadcast-quality Up/Down/Cross conversions, HD/SD SDI, HDMI, and HD/SD analog video I/O, Multi-channel AES, analog balanced XLR, and embedded audio I/O.

The Rack is equipped with dual media drive bays and is remotely configurable and controlled via Ethernet LAN connection. This feature allows for stand-alone operation and configuration, with no need for an external computer. The hardware includes RS-422 machine control, genlock, and LTC connections. Ki Pro Rack is available now for an MSRP of $3995.00 (US) through AJA’s worldwide network of resellers.

The Ki Pro Quad is a solid-state portable video recorder that can handle edit-ready 4K, Quad HD, 2K, and HD formats with 10 bit 4:4:4 or 10 bit 4:2:2 color support. The system accepts RAW camera outputs from an SDI and outputs that transfer data via a Thunderbolt interface. The recorder debayer processing of the RAW data can produce ProRes for transfer to SSDs. The debayered images can be used for real-time 4K monitoring, while a scaled or cropped 2K or HD output is also available on SDI or HDMI connectors. Ki Pro Quad will be available later in 2012 for an MSRP of $3,995 US.

And finally, if you need to transfer those videos from your MAC, the new T-TAP is a bus-powered box that can deliver 10-bit SD, HD, and 2K outputs to SDI or HD from a Thunderbolt interface. The audio is 8-channel embedded. The adapter includes MAC drivers and software for the major editing packages. T-TAP will be available soon through AJA’s network of worldwide resellers for a cost of $249.00 US. You may want to be careful with the use of the T-Tap, as it draws up to 10 W from the computer. For a complete set of features and technical specifications for any of these products, please visit

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