Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

Render Rocket in the Cloud


 NAB, Las Vegas—We interviewed Render Rocket about their business and technology. Their claim to fame is a scalable 3-D render engine that operates in the cloud.

The mission control module reserves and monitors time on the server(s) and enables cross-market use. The tools are being driven by the ongoing cost cutting and reductions in capital expenditures in the broadcast and cinema industries. By putting the rendering capabilities on the cloud, they can get significant economies of scale and can amortize their investments over a large base of users.

The process is fairly simple. You load your data into their system through ftp, Aspire, or just ship a drive to them, then download it a frame at a time for rendering and editing. They support in-out validation and incremental uploads, and can download proxies for quick viewing without the full frame data set.

Currently, they offer unlimited test rendering and will do 5 full frames for free. They use existing APIs for program access and can deliver separations. If the transfers are through ftp, they cannot do the separations. The files can be securely transferred and can be deleted upon completion.

Backups are done in parallel and in the background. The license and hardware form a software as a service (SaaS) bundle for each function they support. Various management functions are available, but most users operate on a self-service mode. The minimum unit of consumption is a credit for one core hour and costs $0.70. Other pricing plans are available. For more information go to

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