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SGI launches new Xeon Platforms


 May 14, 2012 - In a discussion with SGI, we discussed their new Intel Xeon platforms using the latest E5-4600 and E5-2400 chips. These are the latest in the Sandybridge architecture line for the Xeon platform and are targeted at the upper end of Shared Memory Design.

The new E5-4600 chip is the hart of their high socket count board designs which when configured as a system yields up to 4096 cores with 64TB of direct addressable single shared memory RAM. This pushes their big brain computing performance from 5.5TFlops on the existing system up to 11TFlops with the new chips.

The design, with up to 64 sockets on a single machine, utilize the CXSF file system for large shared memory. One of the advantages of the large CPU and core count, is almost unlimited I/O bandwidth as there are direct high speed channels from each core. The parallelized I/O access makes computation and storage more efficient for large scientific and data analytics computing. Initial systems orders have been placed and are being shipped to applications such as the Steven Hawking COSMOS project.

The E5-2400 systems are a 2 socket machine design. These are targeted for optimized power/performance balanced systems. These units, available in a 1RU and 2RU rack mountable unit, are targeted for control of storage systems. They have created a starter system that is targeted for the Hadoop space that includes a reference configuration for the storage devices. The E5-2400 system is particularly well suited to the application due to it memory architecture and regular expression processing capabilities that are key portions of the Hadoop environment.

The E5-4600 and E5-2400 systems are shipping in Q2' 2012 based on availability and rollout of the processors from Intel.

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