Sunday, March 26th, 2017

Movea Motion Core Controller


May 2012 - At the MEMS Technology Symposium, we had a chance to see the Movea Interactive TV remote motion controller core. The MEMS motion sensing core has shipped over 5M units to date and is supported by over 400 patents the last 5 years. The current application follows incorporation of the core in health an sports products such as an intelligent pedometer, a tennis racket and a water proof lap counting MP3 player for swimmers. The core is supported by an SDK that defines the raw data format, the signal processing and development display visualization tools.

Movea’s SDK has been designed to help bring finished features and applications to market - not just an API for raw data transfer. Using this platform, TI has introduced an RF remote control for CE devices, not in the DLNA family, that uses trainable gestures to define commends in a three dimensional air space. These include up, down, scroll, back, forward, stop/pause, and other features. This motion enabled TV experience was demonstrated using only accelerometers and gyroscopes without the need for a magnetometer. The data processing and the included visualization incorporates the orientation and a resettable trigger level to detect true motion from “shaking”. It uses a XBMC interface.

The product is currently working iwth partners in the TV and IP settop box space, and are looking at both 2D and 3D gaming in the future. These kits will include velocity tracking and advance pattern recognition for the gestures. To implement these functions, the system need an integrated processor as part of the sensors.

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