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IEEE Recognizes Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren


On Saturday, September 1,2012,  Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren was recognized for an award by the IEEE-USA for her distinguished Public Service. The event was hosting at Marvell Semiconductor Headquarters in Santa Clara.

Zoe Lofgren has been a dedicated supporter of technology and Innovation, a tireless champion for engineers and high-tech professionals for almost twenty years. As Chair and the Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Committee and leading member of the Science, Space and Technology Committee, Rep. Lofgren has sponsored major legislation promoting alternative energy, immigration reform, privacy protection and innovation.

Zoe Lofgren has introduced a long list of legislation, many directly related to promoting engineering and/or technology. Among these are:

  • The IDEA Act to promote high-skill immigration (H.R. 2161, 2011)
  • The One Global Internet Act to protect the export of internet-based products (H.R. 5694, 2009)
  • The Reduce SPAM Act (H.R. 1933, 2006)
  • The Internet Spyware Prevention Act (H.R. 1525, 2009)
  • The Electronic Device Privacy Act (H.R. 6588, 2009)
  • Legislation to exempt graduate STEM students from the EB visa cap (H.R. 6039, 2007)

Zoe Lofgren has been a Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives since 1995. She represents the 16th District of California which is based in the “Capital of Silicon Valley,” San Jose. A lifelong Bay Area resident, Rep. Lofgren earned her BA at Stanford and her law degree at Santa Clara University.
As a senior member of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Intellectual Property, Competition, and the Internet, Rep. Lofgren has been a longtime advocate on patent reform, copyright issues, digital rights, and net neutrality. She was a key leader in the bipartisan effort to decontrol encryption technology. She was a key supporter of the “e-rate” program, which provides internet access to schools and libraries, and she is the author of legislation to impose a moratorium on state and local cellular taxes.

Rep. Lofgren has also introduced a long list of legislation, much of which is directly related to promoting engineering and/or technology, including the One Global Internet Act to protect the export of internet-based products, the Reduce SPAM Act, the Internet Spyware Prevention Act and the Electronic Device Privacy Act. She also was an early opponent of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), and led the successful fight against the bill in the House Judiciary Committee.

Very importantly, she is the author of the Immigration Driving Entrepreneurship in America (IDEA) Act of 2011, which allows American companies to attract and retain highly-skilled foreign graduates of American universities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields. The IDEA Act is the most comprehensive immigration bill introduced in 2011. Among other provisions, it would make it easier for skilled immigrants who earn advanced degrees to get green cards and remove the country cap restrictions from within the EB visa program, both of which will make it much easier for skilled international students to become American citizens. This bill represents a serious attempt to liberalize high-skill immigration, and it is based on the principles articulated by IEEE-USA.

The recognition event was held in Santa Clara to allow those in the local community to help celebrate the designation that the SJ area was going to be a site for the expansion of the Patent Trademark Office, which would allow for a reduced time to process technology patents and innovation that are create in the Silicon Valley.
Here are the key guests that were present at the event:

  • Cofounders of Marvell – Dr. Sehat Sutardja and his wife Weili Dai, who hosted the event
  • IEEE Officers: Brian Berg, Ed Aoki, Sachin Desai, Kiran Gunnam, Jeffrey Pawlan and past chairs: Kim Parnell, Roxsana Hadjizadeh, Kris Verma and Art Astrin.
  • Trustee of the West Valley-Mission Colleges, independent candidate for State Assembly – Chad Walsh
  • Member of Saratoga City Council – Emily Lo
  • President of San Jose State University – Dr. Mo Qayoumi, and Student Body President Tomasz Kolodziejak
  • Dean of College of Engineering of UC Berkeley - Shankar Sastry and Asst. Dean for College Relations & Strategic Initiatives - Melissa Nidever
  • Prof. Shoba Krishnan of Santa Clara University
  • Manager of State and Local Government Affairs at Cisco Systems - Mike Potter
  • Founder of Benetech - Jim Fruchterman
  • Officers from the Silicon Valley Chapter of the Korean-American scientists and Engineers Association: Jason Kim, Steve Moon, Dr. Jun Huh and Dr. Sang Soo Lee.
  • Officers from the Chinese-American Semiconductor Professional Association: Dr. Liang Peng and Ralph Chern.
  • IP Attorney from Dechert – Chris Scott Graham
  • IEEE member and Technology Division of the IRS – JB Compton and his wife Janice
  • Editor-in-Chief of M&E Tech – Tets Maniwa along with Industry Analyst Nathan Brookwood & his wife.

Images from the event can be found at:


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