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The Symposium Celebrating the 65th Birthday of Prof. Chenming Hu


Prof. Hu was recognized for his extended accomplishments for UC Berkeley. Some of his graduate students, who came from all over the world, gathered at the Banatao Auditorium on Thursday, December 13 to celebrate his birthday. They shared the memorable moments of their school years at UC Berkeley with the audience. Among the crowd were Dado Banatao, founder of Tallwood venture capital--the auditorium is named after him, Tsu-Jae King Liu and Eli Yablonovitch of UC Berkeley and many others distinguished guests. As one of Hu’s students confessed, the professor loves any kind of art, and there were many “creations” served in the reception hall for the spirit and body. There was a public showing of paintings that the professor’s family made, His student sang and played a musical concert. A delicious birthday cake topped off the event.

Attendees at Chenming Hu\'s 65th B-day

The students described him as magical instructor and a passionate and inspired mentor. He is a maverick who appreciates creativity of any kind, and who was able to bring simplicity to complex studies. They all felt fortunate to meet him and his illuminating personality in their early years. Many of them confessed that he was the one who changed their lives forever.

Chenming Hu and his Former Students

Tsu-Jae King Liu's introduction of Professor Hu included the following selected references:  


  • The first technical publication: “A resistive-gated IGFET tetrode" with Richard Muller, EDL, 1971
  • Ph.D. Thesis: "Integrated Optics for Optical Communication," Adviser: John Whinnery, 1973
  • First media exposure: "Car That Runs on Gas or Juice," San Francisco Chronicle, A2, 1979
  • First Patent: US Pat. 4366555 -"Electrically erasable programmable read only memory" 1980
  • First Book: Solar Cells -- from Basics to Advanced Systems with Richard White, 1983
  • First publication cited over 50 times: "Lucky-electron model of hot electron emission," IEDM 1979
  • First cited >100x: "Alpha-particle-induced field and enhanced collection of carriers," EDL 1982
  • First cited >200x: "Nonvolatile memory device employing source side injection," US Patent, 1988
  • First cited >300x: "Sub-50 nm P-channel FinFET," X. Huang et al., TED, 2001
  • First >400x: "Hole injection SiO2 breakdown model for low voltage lifetime,” Schuegraf, Hu, TED, 1994
  • First >500x: "New paradigm of predictive MOSFET and interconnect modeling for early circuit simulation," Y Cao, T Sato, M Orshansky, D Sylvester, C Hu, Custom IC Conf., 2000
  • First >750x: "FinFET-a self-aligned double-gate MOSFET scalable to 20 nm," D. Hisamoto et al., TED, 2000
  • Highest (977x): "Hot-electron-induced MOSFET degradation-model, monitor, and improvement," Hu et al., Journal Solid State Circuits, 1985
  • h-index: 109 (from Google Scholar)
  • >90%: Semiconductor companies that used BSIM model in IC design
  • 78700: Results of Google search for "BSIM Model"
  • 590,000: Results of Google search for "FinFET"
  • 0: Companies that have announced sub-20 nm IC technology that is not based on FinFET or UTB

As can be seen by the trivia, his creativity and magic not only touched those that had the luxury of working with him directly, but made a huge impact and illumination of the world. Additional photos from the event can seen at:

Dr. Hu and M&E Tech Editor Lidia Paulinska-Thompson

Lidia Paulinska-Thompson



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