Sunday, March 26th, 2017

Notion 4.0 — Musical Genius Unleashed – by Carole Dunn


Having talked with many friends who use notation software, one comment heard over and over is how unnervingly complicated the software can be. But all that chatter and groaning comes to an abrupt halt when a discussion of Notion 4.0 begins. It’s easy to use, has great looking notation and excellent playback. Fortunately, the stellar user interface and superb notation only touches the surface of this indispensible tool. In addition to the features we’ve come to love about Notion, the 4.0 version has established the industry standard for platform compatibility between desktop and iPad, and has upgraded its real audio samples with selections performed by The London Symphony Orchestra. With a host of built-in samples and presets for other libraries sounds, the entire playback happens without needing to tweak or map anything. Indeed, your musical genius gets to run the show.

For the first time with any notation software, users have the ability to build, edit, playback and share files seamlessly between their desktop and iPad. Musicians can begin a composition on the desktop, edit anywhere and anytime on the iPad, and bring the project back to the desktop for final editing. With Notion 4.0 musicians can compose and refine with total freedom.

Notion 4 Music Composition and Notation


Notion 4.0 users have the ability to build and edit scores and then hear those scores leap off the page with the highest quality playback of any notation software. Recorded at top studios throughout the world, these rich samples include drums, guitars, basses, orchestral samples, and much more. Notion 4.0 includes essential features such as native 64-bit support, easy to access editing, sequencer overlay, MIDI overdub and new interactive entry tools allowing for multiple quick and convenient ways to build scores.

And if that’s not enough to get your creative juices flowing, Notion 4.0 is cheaper than any other notation program of equal quality and is an order of magnitude easier to use.

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