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The Wolf Among Us Game Review


TellTale Games - The Wolf Among Us

October 2013, Telltale Games has once again released a truly engaging interactive story game based on a comic book/graphic novel series. Following their game of the year success with the Walking Dead, they have now turn their attention to another classic series. The first episode of this story game for “The Wolf Among Us” is called “Fables”. We had a chance to play the game on the Xbox360 Platform.

The basic game is a character game with the Big Bad Wolf from the Red Riding Hood stories is now a policeman in NY where he oversees the activities of other fairy tale characters mixing into the society. In the story, he is brought in to investigate and solve a murder and identify the killer. Other characters include the three Little Pigs, Mr Frog, the Woodsman, Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum. The game includes a 'Book of Fables' at the end of the episode that unlocks background details on the characters you meet during the story for those who are unfamiliar with the original story.

Bigby Magic Mirror Business Office - TellTale The Wolf Among Us

As has been the standard for TellTale, the game features clever dialog for the characters and extensive character development. The game also features consequential storylines - so the decisions the player makes creates a different set of options for continued game play. This was first brought out in their Walking Dead game, and it continues as a key element in the game. As the storyline is not as open ended as the Walking Dead, the consequential game play is still guided toward the goal of solving the mystery. The decisions made in the first episode, will run through all the episodes in the 5 part series. In addition to the decisions, the TIME is a factor in the decisions. Depending on what you choose to do first, certain characters may or may not be affected. Characters will always remember your actions throughout the series, as they can't be in two places at once, and the behavior of your character will always be observed.

Toad and Toad Jr - TellTale The Wolf Among Us


The graphics and imagery are true to the graphic novel/comic book roots, and the motion and activity are very watchable for extended periods. The controller interaction is straight forward and very responsive, so the immersion in the game is on the story side, and the use of the controller does not impact the story playout. The game is available for Xbox360, PS3 and PC. It will soon be available for iOS and PS Vita. Once again, they seem to have a winner on thier hands.

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