Thursday, March 30th, 2017

MET Hippo attends CES 2014


January 2014, starting off the new year with CES is always exciting. As a new conference attending editor for M&E Tech, it was a first time at the show. It was an interesting experience as a first timer at the show with several annual attendees, one of whom has been attending most years since the late 1980's

The show officially starts on Tuesday morning, but the hunt for an audience starts earlier with extra events before the show. AMD got the earliest start this year with their three day event for their new processor. The event started on Saturday, and ran through Monday. it was more on the applications and overview of the product than the details inside, which was covered in the developer's conference held tjis past November.

The traditional early start of the show is done by Storage Visions, put on by Tom Coughlin and the Entertainment Storage Alliance. This two day event starts on Sunday and gives a sneak peek at both consumer and enterprise storage issues and products, some of which are debuting st CES. This annual event has been a show partner for over a decade. The event is well timed to not have the keynotes or key talks overlapping with CES press activities. Storage Vision was held in the Riviera over near the LVH and the LVCC.

Also on Sunday they had the CES trends presentations and the official press event and kickoff of the show CES Unviled. Photos of this kickoff event are in the M&E tech gallery under the CES Unveiled album.

Monday before CES is press day. The logistics are such that there are typically two press events going on every hour from 8am until 5pm. This means to cover the events you need a couple if people to be in the multiple rooms. I attended the LG event (photos at the M&E gallery LG CES2014)  which was very appliance / white goods centric, focusing on those products being the core of the connected home. The Bosch press event was going on at the same time.

Following LG, there was the Samsung press event which followed the lead of appliances and white goods as the core of the smart home. (photos of the press conference are at the M&E tech gallery Samung CES 2014). The day continued with VOXX, Monster, Epson, MakerBot, and the Showstoppers Launch-it event. As these were all held at the Mandalay Bay hotel, I did not make it across town to see the Sony event.

Continuing in the press events, I went with my team (Pallab, Lidia, Marcus, Salle, Bruce and Charles) to Pepcom’s Digital Experience (coverage and photos at PEPCOM 2014 ) , Showstopper (coverage and photos at Showstoppers at CES 2014 ) as well as a number of the exhibits and sessions at the show ( see photos at MET at CES 2014) . This included the Monster Retailer Awards event. The event this year featured Fleetwood Mac performing at the end of their current tour, and helping Monster celebrate their 35th anniversary.

The last couple of events included a briefing with Astound Sound on their spatial surround system that is created with a two speaker system. The multi-phasing environment mimics an 11.1 surround system, without sound training and has been licensed into several portable and Bluetooth speakers that were available on the CES showfloor. from multiple vendors. In their briefing suite, they were showing yet another development platform for gaming. Earlier in Nov 2013, they showed an APU optimized solution with the AMD products. At CES they were demonstrating the sound development that works in conjunction with the Occulus Rift 3D VR headset. The spatial sound enhances the already immersive experience to a higher level.

Finally, we ended up at the Lenovo product briefing and press/customer event. Held at the Venetian, they were showing their mobile products – handsets, tablets and convertible PCs. Images from the event are at MET Hippo at CES 2014. Our group was joined by SF bay area radio personality Olga Chervyakova of The Olga Show.

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