Sunday, March 26th, 2017

Micron Celebrates Silicon Valley


August 2014 – At the Computer History Museum in Mt View, CA, Micron sponsored a celebration of the innovation and energy of Silicon Valley with a gallery showing and presentation of the images from Fearless Genius. The book chronicles the inner workings of some iconic businesses in the Silicon Valley between 1985 and 2000. These companies include Next Computer, Apple, Adobe, Autodesk and others.

Doug Menuez Author of Fearless Genius

The presentation and gallery were hosted by the photojournalist and author Doug Menuez who moved to covering the tech area following multiple assignments for Life Magazine including the famine in Ethiopia in the early 1980’s. The gallery at the museum was displaying about 30+ images from the book. The book contains over 100 images that were taken of silicon valley leaders such as Steve Jobs, John Scully, and others that were taken at unique time in the valley and in days when this sort of access was both unprecedented and most likely never to be repeated.

The book is about the people and events that were taking place in the valley at the time, that were on the way to changing the world. These included the development of the Newton at Apple, the Art of Mathematics at Adobe and core of the book – images from the 3 year journey of Next Computer following Steve Job’s departure from Apple.

In addition to these technology leaders, the book also chronicles the venture capital community, the transition between the old giants (semiconductor and industrial equipment) and the new giants (PCs and personal electronics) and the emergence of the individual entrepreneur. These lead to the changes in the community bringing the collective “hive mind”, an enhanced partnership with education and patient vs quick hit money.

The book also shows the rise of the belief in the STEM environment that was supplemented by the Arts to become the STEAM program. The book is a glimpse into the inner world that improved the lives of the world by bringing technology to being an everyday part of our daily lives by the people that invented these products and making them money along the way. The book is currently available in stores.


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