Thursday, March 30th, 2017

TJ Rogers speaks about solar at IEDM lunch


December 2014 – At the 60th IEDM (International Electron Device Meeting) they held their awards luncheon to recognize key contributors to the device processing and device development community. Along with the awards ceremony, there was a lunch time keynote presentation. This year's speaker was TJ Rogers founder of Cypress Semiconductor and Solar cell/panel manufacturer SunPower, Dr Rogers is also a process/device engineer with multiple patents.

The highly technical audience was given a high paced highly data rich presentation on solar power and alternate energy. The focus of the presentation was on the technology behind the creation of alternate energy and socio-political drivers behind the selection & support of these technologies. The discussion focused on economic subsidies, implementation and development costs and also the political drivers for using science to justify economic agendas. This discussion digressed to include global warming as a key technology point as a catalysr for the alternate energy movement.


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