Sunday, March 26th, 2017

GreenScreen Animals – footage and models


August 2015 – The VFX requirements for film and gaming is constantly progressing. In this respect, GreenScreen Animals is modernizing their library of animals available for content creation. Historically the company has had high resolution film clips (6K HDR stock footage on RED cameras) of animals in both domesticated situations and in the wild, for use in film and gaming applications. There are more exotic locations being created for the films & games and less access to the animals, so the use of live footage was becoming limiting.

The company has moved to creating 3D scans of the animals, and even motion capture on some of them. The company has been lucky enough to have a motion capture and 3D scanning facility in the LA area where there is a large density of domesticated and trained animals, that have film experience, that can be digitally captured. The firm currently created 3D scanned digital doubles that are fully rigged for movement and placement from all angles into content. The motion capture and use of the resulting model are overseen by the humane society.

In addition to the US facility, they are working with a partner in Germany on scanning animals and creating a facility to clone the US models and data. The stock footage designs of the animals had been used in films, for ad agencies, commercials and music videos. The stock footage has a large variety of animals and reptiles, domestic, exotic and wild. Upon the conversion to 3D models, they become fully rigged and articulated models. The animal models can then be used for these applications as well as video game production through the console level. The company has 3D models for chimps, elephants, and big cats. They are adding animals as they become available for scanning. The models are available on a standard transmedia use licensing basis.

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