Sunday, March 26th, 2017

Cases and accessories at CTIA 2015


September 2015 – The CTIA Super Mobility conference has a mix of technology, innovation in both communication devices and accessories. The accessories range from enhanced connectivity through fashion. A range of technologies from materials, manufacturing, design and component selection are used in these products. Leading off this space is longtime embedded and system component supplier Multitech. Their interface products have long been a supplier of wired and wireless interfaces including WiFi, Bluetooth and now cellular. Multitech has been providing industrial 2G & 3G modems and routers for M2M applications. They were showing their 4G/LTE products, as well as plug-in socket modems. The products are supported by full development kits and SDKs that can run under multiple OS environments, including many RTOS configurations.                                                  Multitech cellular sockemodem card

In the software side, the operating system for the enterprise is the key component to a manageable M2M deployment and mobile device tracking. Red Hat was showing their kernel modules and support tools developed to help companies manage their wireless & mobile resources. Emtec was there promoting their services for IT support & infrastructure and app development. The apps are for mobile devices and desktops on Windows.
Lunatik was showing their new iWatch accessory band and protective case. In addition to the iWatch product, they had high durability cases for the iPhone (such as the Taktik Extreme with Gorilla Glass) and the Samsung Galaxy 5 & 6 phones. For any tablets they also had a high performance stylus that works in any environment, weather and humidity on phones and tablets with and without cases called the Chubby stylus and a dual purpose stylus/pen. A full waterproof case for the iPhone6 called the Aquatik was shown and is targeted for availability for Q4.

Evutec Kevlar Case Composition

Evutek was showing a number of their new designs and styles based on their Kevlar material construction for cases. Designed for the iPhone family, they have created a Kevlar based machined composite product. The cases have both high tech looks as well as naturalistic looks with integration of real wood, grass and other eco-materials in the designs.

Empire Case Klutch Case for iPhone6


On the other end of the spectrum is a fashion line from Empire Cases. Featuring high vibrancy designs that are reminiscent of the 1960’s and 1970’s, they have many designs for phones from Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola, Nexus and others. The cases are made with high durability materials including leather, and feature functional designs such as a “klutch” case to hold cash and cards in addition to the phone.

Rounding out our meetings, we met with ProClip. They are a provider of mounting solutions for mobile devices for cars and trucks. In addition to their direct consumer facing products of dashboard and air vent holders for cell phones, their unique business is on custom and standard product holders for tablets, and other mobile devices for the business community. There is a challenge with consumer devices being used in an industrial and high vibration/impact exposure environments such as warehouses, support vehicles and delivery vehicles. This challenge is how to protect the device which was not designed to absorb impact and rough use. However, the use of mobile application software is driving the expanded use of these products in those conditions. ProClip designs and manufactures high impact absorbing frames, holders and mounts for tablets, phones, GPS and other mobile devices for commercial vehicles. These are designed and machined in the US, for going on removable mounts with tilt, swivel, wired power, and locking mechanisms. There are also secure holders for reception area use.

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