Thursday, March 30th, 2017

BACtrack Breathalizer adds Wearables


November 2015 – The lifestyle of most people is being organized around their smart phone and their wearables. BACtrack brings two products to the market with updates that include an interface to their wearables and watches. Their products the BACtrack Mobile and the BACtrack Vio – both named for the Blood Alcohol Content measurement they provide – have supported both iOS for Apple products and the Android products since the initial release. The Vio is the new smaller “keychain” version of the product. As a update for 2015, there is now an Apple watch app that echoes the results from the smartphone to the watch.

BACtrack Mobile smartphone and Apple watch app


The BACtrack Mobile provides police quality alcohol measurement, while the Vio provides similar results and trends on consumption. Both devices connect via Bluetooth to your phone. The new release of the App includes Apple Health app integration. This allows for automatically syncing BAC data from the BACtrack app to the Health app allowing viewing BAC data directly in the Health app’s central dashboard. The new Apple Watch Integration allows for initiating and completing BAC tests via on the Watch. The use of the test results on the watch also make it more natural and convenient to access the estimated alcohol level anytime using the Active ZeroLine feature that gives countdown of one’s estimated BAC back to a safe level. This Active ZeroLine feature is exclusively for the watch app, and not available on the smartphone app.

In trying the product, the app was easy to install on smartphone without any difficulty in located app at either iTunes or Google Play. The app is not invasive in that it does not turn on camera or download your contacts as do some apps out of habit, even though these functions are not needed by the program. The product itself is easy to use – turn on the app, follow the directions and blow into the device. For sharing the device with multiple people, there are additional mouthpieces that can be used.

The product is convenient and a good safety device for the holiday season and active social lifestyles. The device is designed for both single person use, for your own safety and knowledge, and for multiple people in “host” applications to make sure that all of guests and friends arrive back home safely, and release the host from liability for being in the role of alcohol provider. Both products are available now from their web site and major electronics and technology retailers.

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