Thursday, March 30th, 2017

Beddit Sleep Monitor adds Watch Interface


November 2015 – The latest version of the Beddit sleep monitor now has a Bluetooth LE interface so it can connect to your smart phone overnight without impacting the power use very much so the phone is still set to go in the morning. The primary interface is with the iPhone and they recently added the iWatch.

The product also has an app on the Google Play store. The Android app installs simply and does not ask for permissions beyond what the user would expect from the function of the app. When you run the app it comes up with a nice big single button on the bottom for start, and in the upper corner has a profile control button to personalize the data.

Beddit Sleep Monitor with Smartphone and Watch app

The main app, on either smartphone platform has three sets of information, on the iwatch it is split into three separate screens. The basic information is a sleep score based on the heart rate, breathing rate and amount of time slept. These are used to determine the quality of sleep you had, and help you to improve it.

The unit has a band that goes under the sheets and attaches with adhesive to the edge of the mattress while the sensor goes under the sleeping person about chest height. The monitor interface has a power connector through a USB plug to operate and run the Bluetooth. For longer term use, the unit includes instructions on how to change the adhesive, as it loses it “stick” after several applications on certain types of bedding (e.g. flannel and some knits).

The Beddit sleep monitor is currently available at on-line and retail outlets. For the holidays, they have a bundle of the sleep monitor with an anti-snore pillow at Brookstone.

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