Sunday, March 26th, 2017

DEW 2016 bringing together content in a B2B view


January 2016 – This February, the next installment of the annual Digital Entertainment World  Expo is being held.  Once again in Los Angeles over the 3 days of Feb 9-11, the event is covering the areas of gaming, TV, film, branding, advertising, licensing, music and innovation.  The digital media marketplace is in the middle of a transition, but has been a slow to shift industry.

The market has been traditionally focused on fixed vertical sectors with very little overlap or interaction.  The new marketplace and the main theme of the event is that content, branding, advertising and their creation are not separate silos, but are interconnected.  This is beyond the concept of transmedia that is still representative of separate tasks; it is the core of Collaborative Media. 

The event focuses on the content creation, licensing, and distribution aspect of the industry – like the B2B & professional side of the events like ComicCon and VidCon.  The licensing discussions, as the legal and trend discussions are open and unfiltered.  In order to have the full community voice, the discussions are not bounded along political lines or along the lines of just the interest of the sponsors, the full attending audience and panels can freely share their voice.

In a discussion with Ned Sherman Organizer and CEO of the event, DEW is designed to be a B2B show where deals can be made and open discussion about reality and trends take place.  The conference is not about posturing and delivering the message in the form of hype, it is there to allow for people to be able to realize existing and new technologies into the market in the current business environment.

Topics on this year’s event include OTT, VR, Music Rights, Monetization, Gaming, Branding, Content Marketing, Drones, eSports, YouTube and StoryTelling.  Speakers include executives from Pepsico, Fox, GoPro, Activision Blizzard, Pandora, PBS Digital, Sirius XM, Lippin Group, Sony, Twitter and Disney.  For more information and registration, please visit


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