Thursday, March 30th, 2017

Josh Groban Stages Live at Fathom Events


February 2016 – Fathom Events brought a live concert experience to the big screens in the theaters this past week. The event was a full length screening in multi-speaker surround sound of the concert film Stages Live from Josh Groban's latest world wide tour. The concert was filmed at the Los Angeles Theater in downtown LA.

Josh Groban Live - Fathom Events 2016


The screening started with an approx 30min behind the scenes “making of “ piece that includes Josh's commentary, discussions with the director and guests, and the artistic and performance tradeoffs that went into the final production. The fairly full age 50+ audience enjoyed the footage and the background to the concert event.

The concert event itself was very good. Since it was recently made, the images are nice and clear, the colors are balanced throughout the film and the sound was completely in sync. This was the first “in theater event” that was attended where there was “adjacent activity” sound bleed. The first couple of songs of the concert overlapped with deep rumble from the subwoofers of the adjacent theater where they had the final conflict scene of Star Wars going on simultaneously. The sound was only audible in the lower section (front 5 rows) of the theater.

Following the concert performance, there was a live Q&A with Josh in front of a live audience in LA and being available via email and social media. Less than 5% of the audience left after the concert, which had 95% still there for the Q&A. The live questions gave a very connected experience to the audience and presented an individual experience to those that attended the event, vs those who may eventually watch an edited version of the concert on a TV via VOD.

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