Sunday, March 26th, 2017

Seagate Game Drive for XBox One now 4TB


February 2016 – One of the challenges of the new gaming consoles is the shift from physical media to download content storage is an integral part of the gaming experience. Prior Xbox consoles had expansion capability, but they were for Microsoft designed accessories and still required great effort to install and use. The Seagate Game Drive series for the Xbox one changed that.

The Game Drive was designed to be compatible with the new console – from connectivity, firmware and formatting. As a result, the new external drive is a simple plug and play device for the console. The USB3 interface allows the drive to have content accessible to the console at approx the same rate as the internal drive. On the Xbox 360 platform, a hard disk upgrade or expansion literally took over 30min between connecting, configuring and formatting the drive. Alternatively, a Microsoft drive could be purchased for a significant markup over a standard PC internal hard disk.

Seagate Gamedrive for XBox One 4TB external drive


The external drive from Seagate comes with the USB3 cable, so it is as simple as open the box and plug it into the port on the console. The system auto-recognizes the drive and the capacity. The Game drive was originally released at a 2TB capacity. The XBox Green external enclosure drive is now also available in a 4TB capacity. This high capacity drive is needed to support he XBbox One option to now have Xbox 360 games playable on the device, however these are all DLC titles only. This capacity also allows for optimized use of services such as Electronic Arts EA Access program.

Like most Seagate products, when properly connected and installed the Game Drive simply works reliably and quickly to provide low error rate storage for the console. The external design allows for storage expansion without affecting the in-console enclosure temperature profile for the the Xbox One, so there is not change in the play-ability or reliability of the console.

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