Sunday, March 26th, 2017

Innergie Life Hub USB power


February 2016 – Innergie has created the LifeHub to address the shift in mobile devices, no longer does every device have it own power/charging cord and transformer, but most have been standardized to the microUSB connector or the Lightning connector on a cable that goes to a standard USB-typeA plug. The original thought was that the devices would be charged from a laptop or computer, but the prevalence of these connections and the use of the mobile devices is far beyond a computer accessory.

Innergie LifeHub 3 port USB Fast Charger

Enter the Innergie LifeHub, this is a extension cord for these devices so they can just be charged, no extra connectivity, no data transfer, just power. Designed like a traditional power strip, the device has a wall transformer that connects to the extendable reach power head. The power head comes with a 3m (9.8ft) cord and cord winder to help bring the power to where it is needed, even if that is not right next to an outlet. The transformer has a 1.5m (4.9ft) power cord so you can place the power head almost 15ft from an outlet.

The power head is a nice design; it has a teardrop shape with a center hole, so it is easy to hold. There are 3 high power (2.1A) USB charging ports equally spaced around the power head. The mart device has a blue LED that glows when devices to be charged are connected.

The LifeHub is a smart device. It has smart-energy technology to provide power only when needed and has the overcharging communication system with the connected device to insure that, if they enabled this feature, the LifeHub will not overcharge the devices. The system also has Over Current, Over Voltage, Over Temperature and Short Circuit Protection to extend the life of the unit and protect the devices connected being charged.

The Innergie LifeHub is a great travel accessory or SOHO accessory to provide fast charging to 3 simultaneous mobile devices from one wall plug, in a light and stylish device. The LifeHub is currently available at multiple on-line retailers.

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