Sunday, March 26th, 2017

Neil Young Doubleheader by Fathom


February 2016 – On Feb 29, the Fathoms Events team presented a rare, over 3 hr long double feature event. “An Evening with Neil Young” was presented as a one-night screening of the post-apocalyptic musical comedy, “Human Highway,” along with the Young’s iconic concert feature, “Rust Never Sleeps”. The cinematic classics included a Fathom Events exclusive Q&A that took place live across the screenings. The Q&A was centered around an interview of Neil Young and members of his cast including Gerald V. Casale of Devo, Russ Tamblyn and Charlotte Stewart by Cameron Crowe.

Neil Young Live Fathom Events Feb 2016

The weekday event was well attended the ¾ full theater, was very enthusiastic through the first feature, and over 2/3 remained for the second. The double feature actually received some new viewers for the second film to restore the capacity of the room. The demographic of the audience was about 80% over 50 with only a few family members of the next generation joining. The Q&A was quite lively and brought applause, laughter and full participatory reactions from the attending audience. Despite the long evening, the audience appeared very pleased at the event.

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