Saturday, March 25th, 2017

Chargebee updates corporate billing systems


March 2016 – One of the major challenges for companies in the global marketplace is the management of billing and recognition of review. To address this challenge, Chargebee created an on-line billing system that is on a scaled cost basis, starting with a full feature free version for startups under $50,000.

A number of the major on-line services for content delivery as well as new gaming companies has moved to a recurring billing model (i.e. subscription based). The company is targeting SaaS companies with a new system that has a low payment rate of 2.9% + transaction fee. The system works with all payment gateways via an API, so it is not tied in to just one payment method. The service model for the Chargebee solution has been architected to support multiple payment paths. This solution was implemented to eliminate the risk from ransomware attacks that can hold up business activity by blocking a particular payment gateway path.

The solution conforms to PCI 1 compliance, should that be necessary by a client, but their data compatibility across multiple gateways and workflows, eliminates the need for it in most cases. The product has an API for developers that will allow it to support payment from direct debit models, once the international standards are defined and finalized.

The system supports localization of the charges being sent through the system. It supports international currency exchange, however it it is not tied into to the exchange rate system. It allows the business to manage the funds in local currency and transfer the funds as needed through the banks.

The Chargebee system has a customer modifiable UI and multi-platform dashboard for control. The intelligence gathered on the system about the processes, are maintained on the servers at AWS. The services are available as a hosted solution on the AWS environment or as an API based solution on the local data center and host inside a company.

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