Sunday, March 26th, 2017

SID Display week is a haven for members


May 2016 – In a pre-event briefing lead by SID Head of Marketing Sri Preuvemba, talked about the growth of the event and the emergence of displays at the forefront of the device design. The show has had steady growth the past few years, recovering from the travel cutbacks from the recession years a short time back.

SID 2016 Press Briefing

This year, the event was up 12% over the prior year’s attendance. The 7263 registered attendees exceed the membership roster of 5000 members. The conference is anomalous in the trades, as about 90% of the SID members attend the annual event. The typical technology society event has about 40% attendance of their membership. The tight ecosystem of the event and the week long mix of education, technology presentations and marketing/business presentation draw the high percentage of members to the event.

In addition to the high attendance figure, the iZone demos – which are new ideas and startups – for the 2016 event is the largest in their history. This is driven by the commercialization of key technology concepts such as haptics, enhanced color range, low power and higher resolution displays moving quickly from R&D into production.

Key companies that were showing new technologies at the show included: QDVision & Nanosys with quantum dot for extended color production, eInk bringing out both their new color epaper display and their architectural lighting displays, Litemax with their advanced LCD, Tianana with their 6K medical targeted display and Redux with a multi-touch enabled LCD panel with integrated haptic feedback.

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