Sunday, March 26th, 2017

Maximum Games at E3


June 2016 – At the E3 2016 event Maximum Games was showing several new games and technologies. Most of the games were single player games designed for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. One of the games was Road Rage. This is a straight forward motorcycle combat game. The game being released in 2016, has over 40 story driven mission plus over 50 side missions, a large number of weapons and riding / combat moves and close to one dozen customizable motorcycles. The goal is to fulfill the missions to become the leader of the motorcycle gang. The game is based in an open world city that allows for exploration in the various neighborhoods.

Maximum Games Road Rage at E3 2016


One of big launches is Infinite Air featuring Mark McMorris. This is an open world snowboarding game that has the first ever physics customizable mountain ranges and a highly reactive, fluid control system, promising to be the most realistic snowboarding action in a game so far. With the input and support of a world class and top ranked snowboarder, the action is aggressive, realistic, and believable along with requiring skill to master – just like real snowboarding. The game has a social aspect with the ability to sculpt terrain in an endless backcountry, publish your best runs, participate in Halfpipe, Slopestyle and Big Air competitions, and challenge friends online. Players will also have the option to place rails, jumps and other obstacles almost anywhere on the courses giving the freedom to build a unique terrain park. The game features procedurally generated mountains and a deep editor that lets players produce and share their creations for the world to ride. The procedural creation insures the mountain and features will appear the same on all the platforms, so a unified experience and competition. Infinite Air will be available for PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2016.

Maximum Games Infinite Air Snowboarding at E3 2016


As an advance look at their 2017 releases they were showing Golf Club 2. This was developed by the same team that made the original Golf Club game, many of whom also worked on the iconic Wii game Tiger Woods Golf. The game has several major modifications, features, updates from the original. It has more sets of golf clubs, and correspondingly, an improved swing and feedback on the ball contact and feel of the club. There are now also amateur to professional modes and the ability to form and create clubs and tournaments.

Maximum Games Golf Club 2 at E3 2016


Another major portion is the customization. The clothing, logos, players and courses can all be designed. Currently there are over 108,000 courses that can be played once the game will be released, mostly from the import capability of the first game. The customization feature of the course, including wildlife that can be added to the surrounding area and items such as the water features, is a big portion of the new version.

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