Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017

Killing Floor 2 at E3 by Dylan Chatterjee


June 2016, A lot of the focus at E3 is on games that will be coming out in the Fall or early the next year but there are a lot of games at E3 that have already come out and are looking to gain traction. One such game at E3 this year was Killing Floor 2.

In case you are not familiar with Killing Floor 1 or 2 the gameplay is an FPS wave survival mode with different types of zombie-like enemies. Some of them have different abilities or are more threatening than others, such as Scrakes which have a chainsaw for a hand, or Fleshpounders, which unsurprisingly pound your flesh. The most dangerous enemy of all is the final boss in the last wave, The Patriarch which can turn invisible and shoots rockets as well as a minigun.

Killing Floor 2 adds a nice level of polish over the original. The gameplay feels very similar but the graphics have received a much needed upgrade and there are new maps and a skill tree system that helps you build a more unique feeling character. The combat also feels a little less forgiving, enemies feel like they move somewhat faster and can chase you more accurately, even basic enemies feel threatening if there are a lot of them at once.

Scene from Killing Floor2 from E3

They removed some of the “cheesy” strategies that hardcore players had developed for the first game. The most notable being the ability to kill almost every enemy type in 2 shots with the double barreled shotgun at point blank range. This felt like a welcome change because after playing Killing Floor for long enough it felt like it was just 4 players running off on their own to kill the waves as fast as possible but in Killing Floor 2 it emphasized team play and purchasing synergistic weapons and classes.

The Patriarch received a bit of an upgrade as well. In Killing Floor 2 he now has a tongue attack that will pull the player towards him, making it harder to avoid his melee swings. You definitely have to work together to beat him at higher difficulties.
If you were a fan of the first Killing Floor and were on the fence about Killing Floor 2, go ahead and buy it. The game is sure to provide the same endless hours of fun as the original and there are new maps and more surprises to come in the future for the game. It really feels like a better version of the original in every way.

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