Thursday, March 30th, 2017

Lenovo Workstations at SIGGRAPH 2016


July 2016 – In a briefing with Rob Hoffmann, Marketing Manager, Media & Entertainment Workstation Worldwide along with Scott Ruppert, Workstation Portfolio & Solution Planning, both with Lenovo, at SIGGRAPH 2016, we discussed the role of the workstations in the creative process. The Lenovo position is that the workstations are more than just a computer or another piece of hardware – it is instead a tool for the support of the artist community.

Rob Hoffmann, Mrkt Mgr, M & E Workstation Worldwide at SIGGRAPH 2016

The workstations provide the technology and computing resources to not only allow the artist community to freely create concepts, but to have their support teams, realize those creative visions. The focus is on the needs of the VFX and CGI industry and the ideas being created by the artists, not on the technical specs of “speeds and feeds” as exists in the consumer marketplace. The products are designed around use for projects or series of projects rather than a standalone lifecycle based on the existence of hardware without context.

In this respect, the tools and the applications that run on them are related and connected. A number of the software tool configurations receive optimization and certification on the workstation platforms. The workstations are targeted toward Cinema, TV, Advertising, Gaming, Music, and Live Performance applications. These are a mix of high duty cycle use for computing centric tasks, and real time applications that need single machine failsafe reliability.

The workstation group at Lenovo is focused on understanding the market and impact of the features and capabilities of the product, not just adding things as non-necessary bells and whistles. This has the program mentality of not focusing as much on who is using what hardware, but HOW they are using it.

The VFX and CGI space that dominates events like SIGGRAPH, are in an endless chase to “up the ante” on special effects in the content that is created for the entertainment markets. For that machines that are reliable and are integrated tools working with the software applications in a seamless fashion

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