Thursday, March 30th, 2017

Autodesk Shotgun updated for VR


July 2016 – In a 1:1 briefing with Autodesk at SIGGRAPH, we saw the latest version of their Shotgun software that is now being used for VR content creation in a single studio environment as a production pipeline manager. As projects start to use multiple sources for assets and have multiple developers, the management becomes a challenge.

Autodesk’s Shotgun V 7.0 is a secure and scalable collaboration management system that runs in the cloud. The modules include Collaborative Review, RV image/movie Player, Production Tracking, and Asset Management. The V7.0 of Shotgun includes RV 7 as the viewer/player. This player not only supports multiple formats and resolutions simultaneously, but it now shows the cuts and scenes being reviewed, in the context of the content. This is an essential feature for 360 degree and VR/AR development where cut scenes are only a portion of the full view on the frame once it is rendered and stitched.

The collaborative review process allows for remote review, even on mobile devices along with annotation on the image for changes / comments / corrections to be made. The cloud availability of the system makes it a global pop-up on demand studio that can be used for review 24/7.

Autodesk Shotgun Production Tracking detailed report

The production management includes both planning and tracking tools along with a report editor. The planning and tracking tools can be viewed as a traditional timeline image with tasks identified. For details on items, there are standard and custom reports that detail all assets, tasks, and activities on the scene.

The asset management portion includes portions of the metadata so resolution and color depth can be identified in the clips. The asset manager also can identify the frame rate of the clips and scenes.

For simplicity the asset manager and review tools have ready to use integration with artist tools such as Nuke, Maya, Photoshop, Houdini, along with review tools like cineSync and render managers Deadline, Qube! and Rush. As a necessary part of the flow, pipeline developers need to be managed as well. The system allows for building, deploying and managing the custom tools and integrations used by the studio needs with our pipeline toolkit and its Python API. To support this development, not only are the integration tools available on GitHub for open download, but the product has a community of the developers from their 600 studios and growing. At this time, the tool is targeted to cinematic content viewing and tracking and is not integrated with a gaming engine for either 2D/3D or VR style content.

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