Thursday, March 30th, 2017

Kalray brings multicore processing to storage


August 2016 – At the Flash Memory Summit, Multi-core processor developer Kalray was showing their new application in the storage space. The new solution uses not only the majority of the CPU power for processing but, also allows for the implementation of storage interfaces, high speed NICs and crypto. The product features in path encryption and decryption, compression, acceleration and secure erasure on the storage path.

As the design can support an 80Gbps NIC, that is configured as two 40G paths, and create an level 3 hardware path between the NIC and the storage solution. This takes the data processing that can come from the main CPU, and have applications that may contain malware, and keep them out of the data path from storage to network, securing the data.

In addition to this direct path, the system manages an NVMe Fabric that can offload the main CPU and manage the flash devices and SSDs directly. This allows the chip to control a remote server for the storage applications.

A second version of the product will be released with a single 40G NIC. The target is enterprise customers that need the high throughput in a secure environment with the crypto engine, and high capacity storage with the in-line compression. This will allow the system to be used in 100G+ applications and be used for high throughput storage with direct SSD control.

Future versions will address the 25G interface that eliminate the 40G to 100G gearbox, and allow M&E content data to processed with the system.

The design is air cooled in the chassis and does not need an additional heat sink or active (liquid or direct fan) based cooling for use in servers. The Kalray team works with the board designer to identify a location in the enclosure that allows for the air path to allow the chip to operate without overheating. The product is currently sampling.

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