Friday, March 24th, 2017

Diodes/Pericom launches PCIe and Redrivers at IDF


August 2016 – At this year’s IDF, Pericom was showing their long time series of re-timers, re-drivers, and packet switch products under their new parent company name of Diodes Inc. Pericom, which was established in 1990, was acquired by Diodes Inc in November 2015.

Diodes/Pericom PCIe Gen 2 Packet Switch Solutions at IDF 2016

A major announcement was the launch of the PCIe Gen 2 Packet Switches which are pin for pin replacements of the packet switches from PLX Corporation. Under the new structure with Diodes Inc, the products are available on a JIT delivery from their distribution partners and factory direct for high volume customers. The new PCIe Gen2 products include a 16 lane switch with 16 ports, an 8 lane switch with 8 ports, a 12 lane switch with 9 ports, and a 24 lane switch with 12 ports.

Diodes/Pericom PCIe 3.0 Timing Solutions at IDF 2016

Also supporting the PCIe3.0 applications is their 1.8v Low power HCSL timing products. The low voltage and low power use model is a major portion of the Intel Gen 6 and Gen 7 processor families. These parts include an 8 output very low powe PCIe Gen1/Gen2/Gen3 clock buffer that is targeted for Ethernet applications. For complex board designs they also released a 2/4/8 output very low power PCIe Gen1/Gen2/Gen3 clock buffer that take a reference input to fanout eight 100MHz low power differential HCSL outputs with on-chip terminations saving 8 external resistors.

Diodes/Pericom High Speed Signal Integrity Solutions at IDF 2016

The new process technologies from Intel for the processor cores (14nm and 14nm+) have a high fanout drive limitation for low power operation. The solution for projects such as docking stations, is a combo linear ReDriver that operates at up to 12.5Gbps with 2 channels and 8 differential channels for PCIe3.0/ SAS3 / SATA3 / 10GE applications with an I2C control interface. For the new interface applications in All-in-One products and displays, they also released a single port 10Gbps USB 3.1 Linear ReDriver. This is the only USB3.1 protocol certified ReDriver on the market.


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