Saturday, March 25th, 2017

Fathom Events Snowden Live


September 2016 – A couple of days before the nationwide theatrical release, Fathom Events had a special showing of the new Oliver Stone film Snowden. The event was highlighted by informational questions and answers regarding the Snowden incident and a post film interview with Oliver Stone, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Shailene Woodley in the US and Edward Snowden via video from Moscow.

Fathom Events - Snowden Live 2016 - Image Courtesy of AMC Theaters Corp

The film was a dramatized portrayal of not only the events that led up to the release of data that was taken by Edward Snowden, but more importantly the human and personal story of who Edward Snowden is, his beliefs and convictions, and what principles led to his actions. This is an important point in presenting the background on the information that was gathered & used and the conflict that surrounded his actions.

Following the film, there was an extended interview with the director, cast and Edward Snowden himself. The audience that averaged in age between 45-50 and their associated 18-24 yr old children, expressed surprise that Edward Snowden was a calm, articulate youthful man in his early 30’s. The mentality of the audience was that the story would be the actions of someone older and at a different point in their career & life.

The discussion reviewed some issues in privacy, some philosophical points and the personality interactions of the director, the subject of the film and the actors. The lead in the movie Joseph Gordon-Levitt, talked as the challenges, benefits and responsibilities about portraying a character that is both real and still alive. He passed on that he received praise of his portrayal from the parents and family of Edward Snowden at the premier opening.

The final surprise of the evening was the presentation of a birthday cake to Oliver Stone. The live audience, the cast of the movie and Mr Snowden all joined in to sing happy birthday to the director.

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