Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017


Media & Entertainment Technologies (M&E Tech) was founded by several engineers, technologists and editors averaging 25 years each of experience in electronics and media industries. The digital magazine was created to address the needs of the marketplace to understand the hardware, standards, components and trends behind the creation, distribution and performance of entertainment in the music, cinema, gaming and animation world.

The rapid introduction of technology for the mobile marketplace, the emergence of stereoscopic content, surround sound and musical modeling, and the complexities of the IT infrastructure required for CGI and VFX, is now requiring education across disciplines to understand the full workflow and product supply chain in order to bring a product to market.

M&E Tech will bring an understanding of these technologies with both the details needed for the professional working as a specialist, as well as the context and overview needed by those who are working with and managing these professionals.

Editors and Contacts:

Executive Editor -  Diane Chatterjee
Editor in Chief -  Pallab Chatterjee
Sr. Editor -  Lidia Paulinska

 Contributing Editors -

Peter Chatterjee -
Joseph Chatterjee -
Chris Scott Graham -
Tets Maniwa -
Leticia Smith -
Dylan Chatterjee -
Bikash Chatterjee -
Peter McGuinness -
Salle Hayden - 
Rodney Thayer -

  Producers - (in association with Roadway Media)

Sujoy Sarkar - 
Alan Mays -
Joseph Martin -

Main Office:

Media and Entertainment Technologies
1970 Chalon Glen Court
Livermore, California 94550-8206

Phone: (925) 606-5357